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Hi I'm new to the this board and I'm very impressed with how many knowledgeable people are on this board. The best WRX board I have found. I know this is a board for the STI's but i have a couple of non STI questions.

1. I'm going to order a turbo hose kit (for a US spec WRX) Either an APS kit or Samco kit. What are your thoughts and opinion more importantly facts. I'm sure there is someone out there that has done this upgrade was it worth it did it make any real diffrence?

2. I'm also looking for a short throw. should I go aftermarket or the Subaru short throw. If aftermarket is a better choice which I'm thinking is which one is the best?

Price isn't the issue I just want the best.

current mods:
Forge BOV (had to have the rally sound)

future mods:
turbo hose kit (APS or Samco)
short throw
Scooby Sport exaust (from the down pipe back)
cold air intake
UNI chip

Any facts/opinions about these mods?

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You might want to check out I-Club. You will probably get a lot better results there for the current WRX.

I'm not sure about the hoses, but I know a lot of people get the Kart-boy shifter with the bushings and they have been real happy with it. It think it is also a lot cheaper than the OEM Short Throw.
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