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Sold: 2011 STi Enkei Wheels

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Okay so turns out there are no TPMS sensors. When I replaced the rims, I was told they had to order new sensors but it turns out they may had used just a rebuild kit or either took them just to take...

The tires are now separated from the rims with a new asking price of 500 plus ship

Only three Hankook V12's left one had to be disposed of.

These were off from a 2011 STi with roughly 20k+ miles on these wheels since i purchased the vehicle. These aren't in the greatest condition as the previous owner had curb rash on all the wheels =(

I want to get rid of these as I need space in my garage and can get more pics upon request

They are on Hankook Evo V12 Ventus tires on stock size which have some decent tread except for one tire which has some inner wear. They will come with the wheel, tire and TPMS sensors

Looking to sell locally in the Austin, TX area or can meet somewhere in between Dallas or Houston

No TPMS Sensors - Found out after separating the tire from the rim...

PM me for more details and thanks for looking

Inner Wear Tread:

Scratch on Rim:
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Re: 2011 STi Enkei Wheels

Monday night bump! Willing to negotiate on price. PM me to negotiate.
Re: 2011 STi Enkei Wheels

Update on price with a Friday bump. Read first post with corrected information.

Re: 2011 STi Enkei Wheels

Sunday Bump. Still for sale!
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