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SOLD: 17x9 +45 Kosei K1 TS with 245/40-17 BFG Rivals mounted

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A few weeks ago I impulse bought a set of used Kosei K1 TS wheesl and a new set of BFG Rivals with the intentions of using them as an autocross / track setup. I've since realized that I'm not going to be doing nearly enough events to justify having them take up space here. They have been stored in tire totes (the seasonal tire storage wraps from tirerack).

The wheels are used, but in very good condition (pictures below). I took pictures of all imperfections I could find on the wheels and was probably more critical than most people would be in this; I just want to make sure that whoever buys these knows what they're getting. The tires have maybe 1 mile on them (when I test fit the setup to make sure I didn't have any rubbing at full lock - they fit on a 2011 with stock body and suspension, but I'm not sure about GDs) -- they're so new you can still see the lines from tire mold (also in pictures). I'm including with the setup aluminum hub centric rings as well as narrow diameter lug nuts to properly mount them on an STI. Basically everything you'd need to get these on a car. I'm asking $1350 + shipping + paypal fees, OBO. I'm not interested in trades for other wheels / tires at this point.

Overview of all wheels w/ tires:

Wheel 1:

Wheel 1 has slight curb damage and a few tiny scratches:

Wheel 2:

Wheel 2 also has some small scratches:

Wheel 3:

This wheel has no damage I was able to see

Wheel 4:

Wheel 4 has a small nick and scratches:

Mold lines still on tires:

Lug nuts and rings included:

Tirerack.com totes they were stored in:
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Re: 17x9 +45 Kosei K1 TS with 245/40-17 BFG Rivals mounted

I had someone contact me about just the wheels. If anyone is interested in buying the tires alone I would consider splitting them up.

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