Not sure why my previous listing disappeared, so we will try this again. Looking to get rid of the parts I have laying around after selling the track toy once the wife and I found out we were having our first son. I'll try to detail the mileage as close as possible by part but most have roughly 2-3k miles on them (car was sold with 4,700 miles on it). Happy to take any additional photos of the items. Thanks for the look!

- Josh

Bride RO Seat Rail (1,500 miles) - $200
- Purchased directly from Cusco through Corner3 in Laguna Hills. I have the "birth certificate" handy.
Endless CCRG Brake Pads 2018+ ONLY (2,400 miles that includes 2 track days) - $750
- Great linear feel and I didn't notice much noise/dusting over stock. Never experienced any fade and had great pedal modulation with SS lines, RBF600, and the Cusco brace.
Goodridge SS Brake Lines 2018+ ONLY (2,400 miles that includes 2 track days) - $100
Grimmspeed "The Bolt" Oil Cap (3,800 miles)
- $40
Grimmspeed Radiator Shroud in Black (3,800 miles)
- $50
Grimmspeed "Dry Con" Filter (3,100 miles)
- $40
IAG V3 Street AOS in Red (2,200 miles)
- $375
Koyo Racing Radiator (2,200 miles)
- $275
- Only OEM Subaru fluid used
PTP Turbo Blanket (2,200 miles) - $100
- You'll need new springs or wires which should be like $5-10