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Rumors are flying like crazy that Mitsubishi (or Mitsubitchy :smile: ) are going to release the Lancer EVO US-Spec today. Rumor is that it has around 260HP and will be here Spring 03.

I'll keep you guys posted of course on this event that might get SOA's ass in gear on the STi for sure.. :grin:

If anybody else hears anything, please post. The EVO is the main competitor to the STi, so I figure it will be fair game for this forum. (To a point)

On a sidenote:

When I get my STi, I am going to have some Calvin Vs Mitsubishi stickers with the web address made up. Any one want to pre-order?? :lol:


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Straight from the laautoshow.com page:

1:05 - 1:35 Mitsubishi S

That means the press conference will be 105 Pacific Time...


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This is from PR Newswire:

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 4 /PRNewswire/ -- Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America,
Inc. announced today that the Lancer Evolution, a rally-tuned model previously
unavailable in North America, will be coming to U.S. showrooms next year. The
announcement is sure to please enthusiasts who have hungered for the
high-performance version of the popular new Lancer sedan.
Last year, the Lancer badge, already renowned in global markets, burst
onto Mitsubishi's North American product line-up to great reviews and strong
sales. This compact sedan -- replete with big-car features -- lets customers
know that a low sticker price doesn't require a compromise in comfort, fun or
durability. Evolution is a standout in the U.S. market's Lancer family.

Lancer Evolution: It's Coming!
The magnificent Lancer Evolution will appear in U.S. showrooms in the
spring of 2003. "The Lancer EVO is our chance to stir the blood of every
enthusiast and build our reputation as a major performance player in this
country," said Pierre Gagnon, president and chief operating officer of MMSA.
"It will cast warm light on every product we sell. When we say we build
spirited cars for spirited people, everyone will be listening."
Building on the Lancer sedan's robustly designed unibody, Mitsubishi's
engineers pulled out all the stops, taking "The Bionic Man" approach to
reinvention of a stronger, faster and smarter performance car. This
unrivalled compact, super-sedan speaks volumes to Mitsubishi's technological
prowess, and World Rally Championship winning heritage. Expect the Lancer
Evolution sedan we'll see in U.S. showrooms to rumble with a 2.0 liter
turbocharged, inline-four developing more than 250 rabid horses,
gravity-defying four-wheel-drive handling, eye-ball displacing Brembo brakes
and a sub-30K sticker price.

Lancer Motorsports
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc. will showcase its resilience,
technical expertise and competitive spirit with an expanded motorsports
commitment for the 2002 SCCA Pro Rally campaign that will feature the Lancer
and its wild Evolution derivative. With Rhys Millen behind the wheel,
Mitsubishi Lancers will do battle for the championship of the SCCA's premier
rally series in both the Open class with an EVO VII, and the nearer-to-stock
Group N class with a modified Lancer sedan.

Tuned Lancers
In the spirit of this LA Lancer celebration, several modified examples of
Lancer sedans are on display, and give testament to the compact sedans
resounding acceptance by the growing tuner culture. Modern Image, Rhys Millen
Racing, and Shawn William are responsible for these Lancer-based creations
that show just what the vehicle can become with just the right mechanical and
styling brushstrokes. Turbochargers, lowered suspensions, wild graphics,
racing bucket seats, roll bars, and lots of attitude are the touches applied
to this tuner canvas known as Lancer.

Montero Evolution Concept
A Lancer Evolution cousin, the Montero Evolution Concept, will make its
North American debut at the 2002 Los Angeles Auto Show. This concept vehicle
summarizes the visual emphasis on passion and driving enthusiasm that will go
into every one of Mitsubishi's vehicles as part of the chosen direction of new
chief designer Olivier Boulay. The production Montero's elegance is replaced
by an inspired and urgent sense of race-ready passion in Paris-Dakar bred
Montero Evolution Concept. The athleticism of the design is evident through
the chiseled and expressive lines of the concept. Mitsubishi technology
appears beneath the alluring skin of this concept with a 3.5 liter V6 MIVEC
(Mitsubishi Innovative Valve Lift & timing Electronic Control) engine powering
a Super Select 4WD system with AYC (Active Yaw Control) and an ACD (Active
Center Differential).

RPM 7000 Concept
Also appearing for the first time in Southern California is the RPM 7000
Concept. The RPM 7000 is a rolling exclamation point of a design that
embodies, or rather screams of the sporty image and competitive rally spirit
that is Mitsubishi. This vehicle takes the ideology of the wild Lancer Evo
series, and blends it in an over-the-top styling exercise that merges S.U.V.
with tarmac dancing supercar. More than just a concept bottled up by
conventional "hybrid" or "crossover" labels, the RPM 7000 uses a
315 horsepower all-wheel drive system to bring new levels of jaw-dropping
performance to a vehicle that is also at home towing jet-skis.

Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc. was established in 1981 by
Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Tokyo, and markets a full line of vehicles,
including coupes, convertibles, sedans and sport utility vehicles. Its Web
site can be accessed at http://www.mitsubishicars.com .
For more information or images, please feel free to contact the Mitsubishi
News bureau at 888-560-6672.

For further information, please contact Janis Little of Mitsubishi Motor
Sales of America, Inc., +1-714-372-6429, [email protected]; or Maurice Durand
of Fleishman-Hillard, Inc., +1-213-489-8247, [email protected], for
Mitsubishi Motor Sales of America, Inc.

It says Lancer EVO in it so I posted it.

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If I were subaru id try to release the STI before the evo comes out. Im sure now that the evo is out theres gonna be alot of media questions about the STI. Maybe something good will come out of it and we will have out STI :smile:

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Hopefully, this announcement will like a fire under Subaru's ass. Get it in gear, SOA! We want a Mitsu-crushing STi super-REX! Otherwise, I'll be forced to buy an EVO (okay, so it's an empty threat, but don't tell Subaru :smile:)

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