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Snow Tires for the STi

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Since the STi comes with brembo brakes, does this mean that 16" rims will not fit on it, even the WRX ones? I read in the WRX owner's manual that snow tires are not recommended for the optional 17" rims, so would that mean that you cannot use snow tires on an STi? I know that tirerack.com sells dunlop winter M2's for the 17" rims and I'd assume they'd fit the STi too...
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I wonder if P1's(OZ Prodirives) clear the brembos?
I have a set of 17's on my WRX that I want to keep. 8)

91TB78 said:
I would imagine the P1s would fit..you would just have to get the correct offset..and if possible might have to use spacers..I dunno.
Well I would be surprised if the offset on the STi is radically different that the WRX. Since these rims are specific for Subaru with an offset of 52-53mm, I think they would be fine. On the other hand the concern again would be the clearing of the brakes (since they are 17x7 and not like the STi stockers 17x7.5).


1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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