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Snow performance water/meth.....almost new

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I'm usually on NASIOC...see my perfect seller feedback on that site....

For sale: NEW Snow Performance Stage 2 Meth Kit With lots of options/add-ons. Pump, Nozzle, LED's and it was installed on car and strapped down to dyno. Car failed on dyno BEFORE meth could be ran. Kit was professionally de-installed and dynoshop can vouch that kit was new when it came to the shop. Selling as I need the cash to fix the car. I've spent almost seven hundred dollars on the kit, but am asking $550 shipped. If I get my asking price, I will throw in 6 gallons of unopened Boost Juice with it ($50 value, costs almost that much to ship it)

-Stage 2 Boost Cooler For subaru ($449 at summit)
-SafeInjection Failsafe Unit (MSRP $160)
-Optional 2.5 Gallon tank (with float switch and trunk-solenoid)($60)
-*Also have the 3 qt reservoir that comes with the kit as well

Kit Includes:
• UHO (Ultra High Output) Pump
• 3 Quart Reservoir
• Digital Variable Controller
• 350-600hp nozzle
• All Required Hardware Needed For Installation
• Comprehensive Instructions
*3 LED indicators (1 for failsafe, 1 operation, 1 low level indicator)
*Extra tubing for Vacuum
*Have 20'+ of meth tubing
*have all wiring, harnesses, leds, and even the extra lengths of wiring that was needed that was not included in the kit, will come with as well

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