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SMY Performance ... SuperPRO, JDM, DAMD, HT Autos, Gauges, RokBlokz, AVO, Cusco, +++

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SMY Performance​

SMY Performance offers nothing but the best products at the best prices.​
Free UPS Ground Shipping in the CONT. USA on all orders over $190​
Live Chat As well as the best service in the business​

Product Lines We Carry:
- SMY Dual Gauge Pods (Highest Quality on the market without a doubt)
- SMY Wrapped Clusters in Leather or Alcantara
- HT Autos (High Quality body parts to help your car stand out of the crowd)
- DAMD (High Quality Steering Wheels)
- JDM Parts (Straight from Japan... JDM your ride to the next level)
- Advanced Keys (Push Button Start Systems and Smart Entry with Push Button Start)
- Bear Locks (Shifter Locks) = Keep your investment secure from would be thieves.
- Element Tuning (Element Tuning Competition Catch-Can / Air Oil Separator (AOS))
- AVO = Endlinks
- Cusco = Braces and Steering Racks
- Motive Composite TGV Deletes
- RokBlokz = Wow these do not FLAP in the wind and cost almost half the price of RA flaps.
- Torque Solutions Engine mounts & Transmission Mounts.

1) SMY Gauge Pod 2008-2014 WRX and STI (Also fits 09-13 Forester and 08-12 Impreza)
DO NOT BE FOOLED by imiatations Only ours uses 100% no fillers, has UV protection, and can withstand up to 250 degrees. Will never warp. Also we actually have a perfect matching texture and color to match your dashboard. So don't settle for crap.

2) SMY Wrapped Clusters. Using only high quality fabrics and matching stitch pattern these things are PRETTY. Follow this link to see some pictures.

3) HT Autos makes high quality body parts such as Front Lips, Side Ext, Rear Lips, Diffusers, Lip Spoilers, Grills, Connards and many more). We stock them and sell them cheaper them buying direct and you do not have to pay the import taxes.

4) DAMD Steering wheels. Prices that can't be beat on these ultra high quality steering wheels. Keep your Airbags, steering wheel controls and bluetooth buttons. Install time is about 15-20 minutes. We try to keep these bad boys in stock but they sell to fast :)

5) JDM Parts - You want them we stock them. STI Battery Tie Downs, STI Oil Filler Caps, JDM Auto Folding Mirrors, STI Push Start Buttons, Push botton bezels, STI Shift Knobs, Key Cylinder Caps, 3rd Brake light / foglight kits and more to come.

6) Advanced Keys - Push button start systems that actually work. No issues. They are not plug and play but splice a few wires and get rid of your keys.

7) Bear Locks - Do you mod your car? Do you love your car? Go to sleep with that feeling you know your car will be there when you wake up. Get the Bear Lock system and lock your shifter in gear and prevent thieves from taking your SHIT. Installs beneath your shifter trim so nobody knows its there. Hidden and out of sight.
PRICE DROP = $199 Shipped within the continental USA

8) Element Tuning Competition Catch Cans / Air Oil Seperators. These bad boys are what you need if you are suffering from BLOW BY or Oil starvation. Keep your engine safe and lasting for years. This AOS actually does what its supposed to do using a built in oil baffle and air breather to keep the oil out of your intercooler lines and engine. Do not be fooled by the other crappy models out there.

9) SuperPro... If you want the best suspension parts get these. If they make them for your car you should definitely consider this brand over the competition. There bushings are the highest quality on the market. SuperPro is actually manufactured in Australia unlike Whiteline. We stock a ton SKUs from SuperPro if you need it we got it. If we do not have it on our site we can get it, just ask.

10) AVO we carry their awesome Front and Rear Endlinks. More will be added.

11) Cusco, well we know you heard of Cusco and you know they are high quality. Which is why we are stocking their items. 4 point braces come with the control arm braces unlike Whiteline. Save some money and pick up the Cusco brace from us. Cheapest on the net. We also carry the Steering racks. A lot more skus will be added.

12) Motive Composite TGV Deletes. Need I say more?

13) RokBlokz = Make of awesomeness these flaps are the real deal. They actually do what they are supposed to do. 1st they do not flap around when you drive. 2nd they cover the entire well behind the tire in the rear, 3rd in the front they cover the side skirt so that is protected as well. Hardware supplied is Awesome. Install is a breeze. AND they cost less than $80. Seriously.
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We are here to satisfy your wallets not ours.
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