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Smoke from the turbo or turbo area.

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When I come to a stop at a light, I smell oil smoke. I opened the hood and noticed blue smoke coming up from the turbo area. I am not down on oil and I don't see oil on the top side of the turbo.

Could there be a possible leak on the bottom side? It is an '04 that has 50K miles on it. I just bought it a month ago. I believe the turbo has been removed and returned prior to selling the car. (But not 100% sure.)

I can't tell if I am getting smoke out of the exhaust since I don't have anyone around to start the car for me. I haven't seen anything by looking out the back window. The down pipe has exhaust wrap on it.

I had to replace the starter and had to remove the inter-cooler. Maybe I moved the turbo enough to crack an oil line when I put the cooler back on?
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pics or a video of where the smoke is coming from could be useful
It is a light smoke. I will try to post a video and a pic in the morning.

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I'd be looking at the oil return hose, under the turbo. Maybe its kinked or missing a clamp and oil is leaking/dripping out of the hose.
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