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Site Upgrade Progress

Sometime within the next few hours this site will go down momentarily for the upgrade. I thought that I would have to start over and loose all my users and posts on this message board. After consulting with some friends, and other people in the same situation I am in we have come up with a solution that may save all the current users and posts.

However, if it works, those of you who have signed up for Postnuke will lose those accounts, but also if it works your new login/password for Postnuke and the forums will be what it has always been here. Phew! Confusing I know, but bear with me. :)

So as long as this works, then you will just login with your username and password that you have always used. Of course, I will explain this on the new site once I hopefully get it to go.

I hope everybody understands- I'm sorry for the confusion...


1 - 2 of 2 Posts