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Show Me The MONEY!!

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Hey guys, I'm starting this thread because I'm seriously interested in finding out how people on this forum budget for upgrades. I obviously don't need specifics regarding things like yearly income (it would probably make me sad), I just want to know how you decide what to invest in your car.

Do you have money to burn, did you win the lottery, get a sponsorship, know a guy, know a few guys? Obviously the DIY peeps are saving a ton of money. Me personally I go the route of loans paid back over time while enjoying what I've bought right away. Lots of people argue against that. They might be right, I don't care.

Hopefully i get some responses, and if this has been covered already just post a link and delete this thread. I tried keyword searches several different ways with no result.
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Perhaps a little common sense would help...
If I had money to burn I'd own a Lambo, a GTR, & a helicopter.

Just work & save your money. Only spend it on car parts, & things you need to sustain life

If you do that you should be able to buy what you need. Haha
Me too, but it seems like some people on here are dropping 30k on engine builds in 2 months time. I was just wondering if they saved for 10 years or they get the hookup from local tuners. I currently have NO connections so I'm already expecting to pay retail.
I work a crappy job and drive a 2010 STi. Im not dropping "30k on engine rebuilds" but in just a year of having the car I've done alot. I budget all my money. I give myself X amount of dollars to spend on food and gas, X amount to pay bills, and then the rest for car parts. I do this out of every pay check. good luck.
It's just money. Through life you'll have times where you have plenty and have none. When you have money it's not worth saving all of it.

Spend some and have fun. You work hard for your money and if you spend it all on a car that may be wasteful spending to some.
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Me too, but it seems like some people on here are dropping 30k on engine builds in 2 months time. I was just wondering if they saved for 10 years or they get the hookup from local tuners. I currently have NO connections so I'm already expecting to pay retail.
The best part of America is for the most part, you are rewarded for the amount of work you put in. Whether putting up with endless studying of med school to be rewarded with 6 figure salary and job security or starting an entrepreneurship, you have to put in work to get to that point.
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i work an $8/hr job, and have a girlfriend. i found that being cheap when out with friends, being uh not-so-cheap with the gf, and only buying when you come across a good deal has gotten me plenty far. :lol::tup:
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save save save while waiting for holiday sales or coupons or price drops, then blow it all at once, repeat
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I wait till my car is out of warranty save during that period
Buy used parts off the forums!!!!!!!!!! This will save you alot of money.
^^^ yes monitor the classifieds like crazy. That's where I saved nearly $300 on a external waste gate, $400 on an alcohol injection kit & my UEL Header was only $399.
Other than my winter tires, I've only spent cash in pocket. But my car is a crapton of fun to drive so it motivates me not to waste money. Additionally, all my "normal" savings like 401K and 529s and stuff are automated. Already have a house so don't have to worry about saving for that.

Family comes first though ;)

<adopts his car> :devil:

Back in my younger years (36 now), when I wanted to do something like this, I'd set up a monthly or bi-monthly sweep to an ING account or similar savings account for as much as I could paper tolerate to miss, that way I could build up the money to buy said item I really wanted. Eventually, the account would have enough balance for those tires or xbox one or whatever it was I was aiming for.
Re: Re: Show Me The MONEY!!

Buy used parts off the forums!!!!!!!!!! This will save you alot of money.
If you buy used enough you will regret it and never buy used again. Too many bad experiences with the high dollar used items. For the cheaper stuff your fine but I have been burned too many times on big ticket items like hoods and coilovers just not being in the conditions stated.

Repairs on some of those took me over the cost of the same items new.
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Just be frugal and use common sense.... make sure you have enough for bills and necesities first, things that are more important. Usually good deals come up in the long run... If you can wait and save for it, then its probably something you can live without...
I realized too late that I asked the wrong question from the start. Haha. Apologies to all. Would've been back here sooner but GTAV.

If a moderator sees this please delete this thread. Thx.
nah it isnt a horrible question, just curiosity.

I think the most important thing, after studying hard, graduating and getting a good job (or starting your own business or something of the type), it comes down to BUDGETING!! I see tons of people spending money on tons of little, useless things they probably won't even use in a year or two. It all adds up. Instead, buy only what you need, shop around for deals, and learn to DIY the installs you can handle, and you will have a beast of a car in no time.

I do agree about the used parts though, in the sense that, SOME things I will buy used if I come across a great deal, but other stuff I would rather pay a little more and buy new. Nothing like opening a box/package with a brand new performance part in it ;)
I think its a great question as well. I used to wonder how some people had the cars with the modifications they had. You just have to save. Set goals. I want to buy this next month and save for it. I know its tough but its the best way.

Also just Network. Thats how you get discounts too. Just PM us and Ill prove it to you.

We are finally approved vendors and supporting vendors. Just waiting on Kevin to change the title above our avatar so we can start posting in the Vendors forums.

We will be happy to help you out.
To start with I bought a used STI for $15K. I've done almost all the work in it and haven't saved that much overall. Put about 10K into it, brakes clutch, tires & wheels for summer winter, timing belt, suspension, drive shaft, exhaust, and AP. about 1/2 maintenance & 1/2 performance. My wife and I have great jobs, and i have the cash to do the work I am doing. I would buy more used except that the the asking prices I often see are so close to new I don't even consider it. Fitment buying used can be an issue too. I bought a used set of Ohlin's that did not fit my car. This was my fault, but if they had been new i probably wouldn't have had the issue, and they could have easily gone back if I did.
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