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Share Your Sub Setup

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Hey y'all- I recently purchased my first Sti Sedan and am considering putting a small subwoofer in the trunk. Full disclosure: I am interested to see how some other members have their's setup to maybe vulture some ideas for my own.
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Custom built (by my installer) sealed encloser w/ 10" 2 ohm 300 Wrms JL Audio sub, powered by a pioneer d-class mono block amp that can drive up to 500 Wrms at 2 ohms. Amp was $240 (installer sold it to me for $200 w/ free installation b/c of exigent circumstances & the fact that I'm a good customer), sub was $180, & cost to build, install & trunk mount the enclosure was $150.

It sits on the right side behind the wheel well & is as wide as the wheel well hump in the trunk. Doesn't interfere with accessing the spare tire compartment. And the bass it produces is great for what I like to listen to.

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12" JL Audio sub in a square box with the Amplifier screwed into the rear of the box. It is held in place with 3 bungee cords hooked to my rear strut tower brace. Been that way since 2009.
JL 12W6 with box built into spare tire compartment. JL 600/1 for sub & JL 400/4 for mid/high :cool:

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- Subthump 10" hatchback box
- Fi Audio SSD10 dual 1-Ohm, wired @2Ohms(Had to widen the enclosure opening)
- Hertz Audio HDP1 ([email protected])

The SD card on my phone died so lost a ton of install pics. I'll try and dig up some enclosure pics. I removed the spare tire, custom mounted equipment on an MDF board in the spare tire well.

Current setup in there is a Hertz Audio EP4x, Hertz HDP1, Clarion MCD360 crossover.
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