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Serious Problem with blown rods!

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Since I have heard of piston rods shooting through people's hoods, it brought up a question. I will have a serious problem if the "horizontally opposed" boxer engine blows a rod into the cabin of my vehicle. I, being the "health nut" that I am, am VERY picky about what goes into my body, and a 2 foot long metal rod (covered in molybidneum(sp?) or not) could be considered detrimental to the regimen I am on. Anyone else have any concerns? :p
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Ah... thanks for clearing that up. I think I'll buy an STI now.;)
More on the allocations

I have a buddy that has a true fear of rods being flung at his face. All started after a really bad sleep-over experience....strange.
Hehehe. Nod, get him an RX so he can have little ninja-star-like projectiles flying at him. Whee!
1 - 4 of 15 Posts
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