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Security System Interface Information

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My STi came with only one option: the security system.

I had a DEI Python 880xp security system added with window modules and the installer said he couldn't safely set it up so I could roll the windows down with the auxilliary button on the transmitter. He said he just didn't know what some of the contacts/wires were for or didn't know what settings were safe or something like that.. he was worried that if he hooked it up.. I might fry the window motors because they might get over-extended. Right now all the window modules are doing for me is making sure the windows are rolled up when the system is armed. I want to get this guy the information he needs so I can roll the windows down (all or part-way) and arm the system that way for hot days (using discretion of course.. I wouldn't do that at a mall or something).

Can someone please point me in the right direction for getting all the information regarding the electrical systems (specifically the windows) in the car? Is there a tech manual I can order or a number I can call where there's intelligent life that can tell me what I can do about getting this info?

Also, they were planning on disconnecting the factory security system and just letting it lie dormant because that's what they normally do. They said they couldn't do it becuase it disables too many things in the car if they had. In this case I'm totally fine with it because as far as I know the factory ignition kill system does not work unless the factory security system is armed. I also need to get them to rig it up so that when I dis/arm my after-market security system, it automatically dis/arms the factory system. They said they have done this before and it works well.
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Thank you 4MLA1FN!!! I just got done reading that entire thread. I am going to start downloading it right away, you are the man!

BTW, the dealer people told me that the security system has an ignition kill (or starter kill, not too sure on that) that has to do with the big beautiful STi key.. Some sort of a crystal inside them or something.. I hear lots of manufacturers have been doing this for years. I wanna read about it for myself in the manual though, hehe.
HEHee.. my avatar is the StarWarsKid, you must not have seen it yet.. it's the latest batch of cult video(s) on the net.. here's a good link for it: http://www.jedimaster.net/

Man.. salesmen just love to talk out of their @ss don't they?? Argh. So the factory security system does not have any sort of immobilizer system?? I haven't had a chance to look through the service manual yet..

Speaking of which: 4MLA1FN.. I wrote a small c++ program to generate a batch-file for downloading the engine sections for the standard Impreza and WRX. How can I get it to you so you can integrate it into your archive for downloading the service manual?
Ooops.. looks like I missed this thread.. check it out:


'ldivinag' claims the OEM security system consists of: keyless entry, door opening sensors, vibration sensor, and starter kill.

I still haven't gotten a chance to dig into the service manual regarding this..

In any case, I already have an aftermarket security system.. however I didn't have them install its starter kill (and they cut me a break on the price) because I was gonna rely on the OEM one (especially since I thought it used a crystal in the STi key..). What I need to do is get them to rig it so the aftermarket system dis/arms the factory system so I can be sure the starter kill engages..
Well a plain-ol starter kill relay is better than nothing. Now I can make sure it continues to function with the new security system!

Thanks netZ!
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