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Security measures

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Anyone see this article?


hmmm that'd be cool to have on our version but I doubt that we have that. Guess there's always lo-jack!

btw, what security system will you all be getting for your STi? I was planning on just getting a lo-jack and using my existing autolock
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where can you get the CompuSTAR alarm system you're talking about?
CloNeGTS said:
I'm not so concerned with the actual theft of the car but more along the lines of vandalism. I'd want to know if the motion sensor was set off, if I just got door dinged...that kinda stuff.
That is my main concern also. Problem is there are a lot of jealous people out there and the younger they are the more they are likely to do something. I am real worried about my badges. At least there is only one I can think of. Anyway that is why I think the pager alarm I have on my Legacy will be going on my STi, because I will know instantly when the alarm is tripped. Like that one dude said in Pulp Fiction somethig about how it would almost be worth it if I could catch the person doing it.
91TB78, not completly sure. I would suggest you find a good audio/video/security shop.

Or you can try contacting CompuSTAR:
International Sales
Phone: (888) 820-3690
E-Mail: [email protected]

Or (give them your info and they will try to locate dealer near you, France):
Thanks Alfredob1
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chawklit said:
i'm just gunna lock my doors :lol:
Make sure you put a sign on the car saying "Do not steal. I will be very mad."
chawklit wrote:
i'm just gunna lock my doors

Make sure you put a sign on the car saying "Do not steal. I will be very mad."
Yeah, maybe include that you wont invite them to your birthday!! :lol:
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