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Security measures

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Anyone see this article?


hmmm that'd be cool to have on our version but I doubt that we have that. Guess there's always lo-jack!

btw, what security system will you all be getting for your STi? I was planning on just getting a lo-jack and using my existing autolock
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Thieves get what they want no matter the cost. Sure most of them aren't the brightest bunch, but they are quite a few that are smart. Give them one car with this device in there with ample time and they will find a flaw, then the next car is that much easier. This will slow them down when they first come across it but once it gains popularity like the club, secrets on by passing it will spread. :evil:

Our only safe bet is to sleep in our cars with a loaded 12 gauge and a hair trigger. :wink:

I'm not always a pessimist..... But I once was a badly influenced youth with much experience in auto theft.
SnowbordrWRX said:
One note about the WRX which I was sorta impressed with...it's difficult to slim-jim. And I assume the same would be for the STi. How do I know this? I accidentally locked my keys in the trunk one day and had to call AAA to have it unlocked. The guy tried slim-jimming it and failed and it took him 10 minutes before he figured out how to get into the car. He even said he wasn't sure if he'd be able to get in since Subarus are difficult to get into. Sure that's not a guarantee your car won't get stolen, but when it takes less than a minute to slim-jim a Civic (I know first hand also, locked my keys in that trunk too ) which car do you think the thieves are gonna hit in a parking lot filled with Hondas and only sparsely populated with Subarus?
Subarus are cake to get into.... I doubt this guy had much expierence with a Subie. Put a wedge in the window, then use a long hook....done you're in.
1 - 2 of 27 Posts
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