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Got mine. Silver/Silver @ MSRP. My original dealer kept screwing around with me, so they now have to send my refundable deposit back. Picked this one up off the show room floor. Yeah...dealer had options installed, including stereo, but since I rarely listin to the stereo in my WRX, not too much of an issue for me. They also installed fog lamps, provided the STi covers, and threw in some STi floormats. It had all the other options I wanted so after sleeping on it for a night, I picked it up the next day.

Gotta say...I had ordered the blue/gold, and was having second thoughts after seeing the white/silver and silver/silver. Very happy with the silver/silver combo. Very sleek looking, and it somewhat molifies the huge wing on the back with the overall monchromatic effect.

I can't believe the difference in power and handling compared to the WRX. Also can't wait to get my 1K mileage logged in to see what it will really do. For now...I just have to settle for that quick "beep-beep-beep" to let me know to "settle down...I'm not quite ready for that yet". :lol:

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