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Thanks! I'm excited for them, although I kind of hate the center caps. I may have figured out a way to do some decent looking STI center caps on them, but waiting for things to come in....​
Damn, didn't realize you were in NOVA! You aren't too far at all, I'm in central Maryland. Will have to get together for a meet or something soon! But yes, I think the all seasons will be just fine for me, and if I do want to get nicer wheels in the future these will make some killer winter wheels.​
Edit: (poorly done) Photoshop of STI center caps on these wheels. I definitely like this more.​
Nice looking wheels. Are they casted or Rotary forged/Flow Formed? I know about Rota but no actual experience with them. Depending on the cap, you may be able to modify them like I did with my Enkei caps.

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