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It has been six years since I registered here in the forum.
I think now it's time to introduce myself. Even though I haven't made many posts yet, I follow some member journals and other threads here.

I am Kevin, 25 years old and live in a small one near Lucerne in Switzerland.
Work as IT System Specialist and am mainly responsible for the development and maintenance of the communication network.

I had my first Subaru in 2011 and since then it hasn't let me go. I have had several so far (Justy KAD / Impreza GF8 / GC8 / GG Wagon / GD Prodrive...)

In the meantime I own a STI from the year 2004.
European version (Singlescroll IHI vf35, EJ207 powered).

  • 3-Port Solenoid
  • Perrin Inletpipe
  • Perrin Oil catch tank
  • Cusco Suspension
  • APR Mirrors
  • STI S204 Defi Style Speedo
  • STI 05-07 Center dash
  • Work Emotion XT7 (8.5x18 ET42)
  • 20mm wheel spacers
  • Maxspeed R1 Exhaust
To Do:
  • Install the cusco 1.5way diff
  • Repairing the tinkerings of the previous owners
  • Polish the headlights
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