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Here are the numbers:


0-60 4.9 5.3
1/4mile 13.1 13.4
Slalom 70.7 73.1
Skidpad .91g .95g
60 -0 110ft 106ft
laptime 1:37.72 1:37.87

Evo posts better numbers in Slalom, Skidpad, and breaking.
STi posts better numbers in acceleration (0-60 & 1/4mile) and laptime.

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Ok, I know different publications have different people driving, and they test the cars under different circumstances, and no two cars are exactly alike. But, why would it be that in this test the 0-60 times are slower, but the skid pad numbers are higher than, say, Automobile Magazine? I would figure that the factors that would make a car accelerate faster linearly would help give better lateral acceleration as well.

The only thing that makes sense to me is that there is just enough error inherent to car testing that there really is no significance to the difference in numbers. However, there are so many similarities among the different magazines when it comes to other factors that I can't shake the feeling there must be something that I'm just not seeing. I dunno.

For the record, the numbers I am using for this example are:
Automobile EVO 0-60: 5.1 s, high skid pad .93 g
SCC (quoted from above) EVO 0-60 5.3 s, high skid pad .95 g
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