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I have read every post I could find via search and have gotten mixed results.
I understand that in Manual mode both set and gain control the boost/wastegate speed.
I also understand that in auto mode you simply input a boost PSI you wish to make and it's that simple, however, on the boost screen in auto mode, there is still an input for gain.
In different posts I have read some say gain is worthless in auto mode, others say it is important. I have to assume it matters if the unit allows you to input a setting for it???
If gain is an important number is Auto mode, what are you guys using??

I am set in auto mode at 16.5 PSI with a gain of 18. The car will make 13.5-14.5 PSI in first and second, 15.XX in third and close to 16 PSI in fourth.
I have the warning set @ 17.2 with a limiter number of 10, however, if I am cruising @ 55-60 in 5th, not really revving the car out, and floor the car the boost will spike and set the warning off, twice I hit fuel cut and threw a CEL.
Also, when I use the graph mode to record a pass, it looks like the car boosts almost to the set PSI (16.5) then drops a few PSI and steadies out, is this common or is something wrong??

Will reducing the gain help maintain a steadier boost without the initial spike??
In auto mode, does it take time for the computer to learn the PSI settings??
Lastly, when I get fuel cut, I must pull the battery terminal, so is it worthwhile to run the car a while without the EBC to allow the ECM to learn before throwing extra boost at it??

Thanks for the help!!!
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