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Saggy butt spacers with rce yellow?

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Did anyone try this to even out the rears? Is there any adverse problems doing this?
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are you referring to the fact that the rear sit slightly lower with the RCE yellows? that is how it is designed to be
The adverse affect is that it will shift the weight to the front of the car and change the dynamic toe rate of your rear wheels to make the car more prone to understeer.
That bad eh? I guess I won't pursue that.
where can said spacers be purchased?

They really only need about a 5mm raise...for us daily driver racers I can handle a little 'under steer'.
I have them with the yellows. It evens it out a bit but rear is still lower and I think my stock struts are shot at 30k miles. I have uneven "bumps" wear on inside part of tire. Im thinking yellows and stock struts aren't the best set up and should probably have combined with the GtWorx. think I'm switching the KWs
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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