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I am going to be transplanting a fairly substantial car stereo system into my STi. A 4-guage power lead to an amp rack consisting of a JL 500/1, 300/4, two caps, a fairly large ported subwoofer box containing a single JL 10W7 and JL two-way components for the front and coaxial door speakers for the rear. I'm guestimating this all weighs in at about 60-70 pounds. I'm 5'10.5" and I weigh about 215..

I'm hoping I can get my STi to go at least as fast as the stats say it can if I'm the only one riding in it. :wink:

Is this possible with just an ECU or piggy-back ECU and a professional dyno-tuning for it? Is a boost controller required to change the amount of boost being used?

My desire is to increase the boost by only a slight amount and use an ECU or piggy-back ECU and tune it professionally. I'd prefer not to touch the air intake or exhaust systems at all.
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