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I do a lot of biking and while I have a trunk mounted rack, I don't trust it to play nice with my trunk hood, let alone the spoiler.

so now I'm looking at either a roof rack or a hitch mounted rack...I'm leaning towards a hitch mount, because the roof rack ruins the lines of the car, while a hitch is a little more unobtrusive.

The question I had is whether or not anyone else has thought about doing this, and how would I go about in getting a hitch mounted bike rack. I'd obviously want to be able to take off the bike rack part when not in use, but I know next to nothing about hitches.
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I thought I have seen people in this board tow with the STi. Technically with the right connections witll tow 2000 pounds. People thought of havina little trailer with spare tires for auto-X etc.. Does the stock hitch have electrical connections?


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