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Re: $40k STI ?!?

Anyone heard of something from Saab called an R-3 yet? I was on my way to NJ today in my WRX on the NJTP, doing my normal right lane passing for the *&*%* snoozers in the left lane when a Saab with ground effects pulled into my wake.

Accelerating out of the right lane (with turn signal of course) I dropped down into 4th and waited for the boy-racer to fade into the background. Much to my surprise, he lost a little ground and then hung tight, through 5th up to about a buck.

As we were in a patch with no traffic at this point, I downshifted and got over and waited. Sure enough, he swung over and went to pass. I hammered it, and even more to my surprise, he about sucked my doors off as he went on by. Granted he had the jump on me as his momentum and speed were greater then mine, but I couldn't catch him. He didn't just ease away, he pulled away FAST!!

I let him go and with traffic on the NJTP being the great equalizer, bidded (sp?) my time. I caught up with him about 15 minutes later, and slowly eased up next to him to give him a grinning thumbs up. He grinned back and gave a thumb also. I exited then to get some gas, and tried to figure out what it was as he drove away. It was a Saab 9-3, looked fairly new, all black, about a 2.5 inch exhaust, 2-door, and on the back left trunk lid it said "Rallye" or something in red, and on the back right trunk lid, it looked like "R-3". All in italicized red letters about 1 inch tall.

I did some surfing and came across an outfit in the UK that provided aftermarket programming and upgrades for the 9-3, turning it into what they called an R-3, but they quoted 220 HP and 0-60 under 7 seconds. This car was waaaaay faster then that. It pulled harder on me than an M-5 did, and thats a fact.

Sooo...any thoughts on what this bad little Saab is? To put is shortly, I was impressed! FWD for sure, so wouldn't own it, but it sure is quick!

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