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So I've already thrown money down on one of the 2 S209's we are getting here in TN. Not sure which color Knoxville is getting, but I'd drive to Nashville for the WRB one, and immediately put some gold Cosmis MR7's on it.
Seems kinda strange to me that Subaru is selling a 70 thousand dollar car in iconic WRB and not put gold wheels on it, whatever...

So I also have a 2005 WRB STi that has about 170,XXX miles on it that started showing head gasket issues around Christmas of last year. So I went out and bought a 19 Forester Sport to be my daily. I absolutely love that car!

The 05 will be paid off by the time the S209 hits Tennessee, should I trade it in or build it? I have an hour drive through the mountains and I'd love to have a high-powered AWD toy to play with on the way to work :D.
The sub-frame does have substantial rust, that's why I'm considering trading it in.
I think the GD's were the best looking, and I'm not crazy about the VA body at all.

What you guys/gals do?
Please don't try and give me "for that money I'd get a blah blah blah instead"
I'm an ambassador and I'm never going back to FWD or RWD due to snow/safety.
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