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S202 sti stats and short vid. (sweeeeeeet)

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I am sure most if not all you are aware of the S202. For thoses who are not familiar, the 320hp S202 it was released earlier this year in Japan (400 units which dissapeared instantaneously). There were various modifications made to lighten the vehicle; ie use of carbon fiber, new rotors, super light rims, etc...; some suspension improvements; fancier headlights, roof vent and other crap like that..... But what I find exciting are the engine mods which appear "relatively conservative." The main power increase appears to come from sports ECU. I believe the turbo is the same (i am sure I will be corrected if wrong). Mainly just high flow/reinforced silicone guts and an air oil cooler. More details are available at the following link:


short vid. can be found here:


The main thing that really sucks is that the price was under $4,000,000 yen in Japan which seems like a very big number but is actually under $32,400 US / $51,500 CAD ...... #@**%^%**#

I probably will hold off on any mods for at least a year because:
1) I am in no rush to wreck my warranty.
2) The car will be fully broken in and any major mechanical problems
would hopefully have surfaced (covered by warranty).
3) The STI will be awesome stock (much better than any piece of trash
I have driven so far).
4) I want to see what develops in terms of mods and don't want to be an
experimental test suject.
5) I want to see if TurboXS develops UTEC for sti and see proven results.

I will keep having to remind myself of the above 5 points, it will be difficult to resist the temptation. All this b.s. talk about "boo hoo hoo, why buy an STI because I can just get a WRX and dump a few grand into it and blow your wheels off." I say if you can afford it, get the STI. It will be a more reliable and better base for modification anyways if you so choose. But of course I have already come that conclusion since I am a member on this site.

I feel like like a little kid a week before christmas and waiting is making me nuts.
I will stop ranting now, sorry I need to vent.

Any comments?
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wheres the link at? i can't find the link to the video.
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