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SAM, i know what you mean, but if you lived in texas you could see the other colours in the black REALLY well. dont know what it is, but it makes the black and the blue and silver look great in person. BUT i think that the STi blue black mica is different than the WRX black. i hope not.

I want my WRX in the 2.5RS savanna green, i mean, that and those 17inch subaru optional wheels, not the BBS the light gold ones, ive seen them in person, they are slightly gold, not silver and look AWESOME. id bet they might end up on our STi. they are probably a market study now.
but those on a green WRX......OMG. & i was born in may so my birth stone is emerald so that would kick additional ass if they made the 2003 in that green.

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