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Rotate tires during tire break in?

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So I'm breaking in my PSS, even just running few hundred km's right now I can see the rear outsides aren't being "scuffed" or "driven" on like the front, so essentially not wearing. I'm thinking rotating them before the break in period is up, so the rears can be shifted to the front and get more even wear.

Anyone did this?
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I just put mine on yesterday. You should prolly check your psi first. I'm running 255/40/18 on stock bbs and the shoulders aren't scrubbing either. Otoh I'm running -2.5 camber in front and -1.5 in rear so that might contribute to this.
Ill prolly start fiddling w psi soon to find the sweet spot.
Break in period? The fronts show more wear because they turn. Just rotate them every few Ks.
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