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Yeah really.

One thing I have noticed... the EVO is always stated as braking better then the STi 60-0. The couple reviews that list speeds over that, like 80-0, show the STi braking better.

These cars are so close that the reviewers are left to nit pick minut differences.

Did you notice the STi earned more points for its seats. Hello, the Recarros are nice.

Regarding the brakes, in one review the STi wins because the EVO's brakes faded when used hard at the track. In another review the EVO's brakes win because the 60 to 0 stopping distance is phenomenal, (the STi's is good too BTW).

I have made up my mind. I want one of each. Think my wife would mind? :wink:
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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