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I also just installed this system into my car. I have to say I love the system so far. I currently don't have the remote start hooked up.

I'm looking for help finding the neutral safety switch location/wire. I found what looks like a NSS wire coming from one of the ECU harnesses, which appears to respond to shifter position, but it's (+) and goes from ~2v in neutral to 12v when in gear. This wire is indicated in a wiring diagram I found, but says it should be (-). I'd rather not use the e-break wire as others have done; I feel that's keeping a rearing car tied down instead of keeping it from even starting. Either way I'll most likely use a relay for this and to active that clutch bypass. Anyway, anyone's help/experience here would be great.
Try this guy:

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I've got mine all installed. The only issue I am having is I don't have the ACC mode.

If i push the button once with no foot on brake I get radio and dash lights etc as if its Key ON.

I don't get the ACC mode where its just radio.

Anyone got any ideas? Ive looked at all the wiring diagrams etc and I cant seem to get it to work like others ...
1st push ACC
2nd push ON
3rd push OFF

Push with Brake pedal...Start

I have everything but the ACC.....

It seems simple enough from the instructions and looking at FSM service manuals but not able to get it to work that way.
41 - 43 of 43 Posts