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Where do I begin this review? I bought my 2011 OBP WRX Premium in July of 2011. It was meant to be nothing more than a daily driver (which is why I didn't get an STi) , but I quickly fell head over heels in love with the car, and started modding from the get-go. I started with an Accessport with a Cobb S1 tune, then bought an intake and Perrin's S1 tune, then I basically started a waterfall effect with "stages".

When I bought a downpipe, I quickly switched to Cobb's stage 1 tune, and honestly felt little difference from Perrin's Stage 1 tune. I was disappointed with the results, and started looking elsewhere. I knew a protune was my best bet, but I really didn't have the time or money to go somewhere out of my way to hop on the rollers and let someone tune my car. So after a lot of searching I was pointed to Torqued Performance. They're an "e-tuning" company, and I know, I know, you're probably thinking " should've gotten a protune" but there's different strokes for different folks, and honestly, I'm not one of those people that's all about the biggest HP number, I'm a fan of driveability and reliability.

I contacted Eric, and to my surprise I was contacted within minutes of my inquiry as to "what he could do" with my car. I paypaled him his very reasonable fee, and he sent me a basemap for my car. Even with just the basemap, I could tell his tune was leaps and bounds above my current Cobb S2, it was quite literally a different beast. He did 3 or 4 revisions of my tune, glancing over the datalogs that I sent, and sending me a better tune each and every time, until I was satisfied.

Then came the day when Stage 2 was no longer enough. I emailed Eric, and told him I was looking for more, and he basically told me what to do. This is when "the little WRX that could" got some proverbial prizes from the bottom of the cereal box, and got a DW65c, Perrin TMIC, Grimmspeed EBCS, Grimmspeed 38mm EWG up-pipe, and Tial 38mm MV-S EWG. Eric was incredibly helpful through the process, sending diagrams and just helpful tips and tricks, until the install was complete and my car had the tune loaded up and ready to go.

Now, at Eric's "stage 3" (Stage 2+), I can honestly say that I am so satisfied with my car that it's unreal. I truly love not only the driveability, but the gas mileage, and so far, 0 knock.

Here's a short datalog from my current tune, and I hope that anyone who is thinking of an E-Tune, looks no further than Eric, because he is NOW TUNING 2008+ STI's for $120.

Thank you for reading my review, I hope it helps someone!

Torqued Performance

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I got my TP tune last night. Loving it!
Eric is crazy fast at replies. I'm able to use it with my K&N intake as well.

Great support and a wonderful affordable product.


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Fwiw, Eric said to me that he requires A stumble mod fix on the sti before he'll tune it. This is on the top of my list for sure.

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Fwiw, Eric said to me that he requires A stumble mod fix on the sti before he'll tune it. This is on the top of my list for sure.
He only requires that for 08+ STI's. He recommends the iaPerformance kit, or the Cobb kit, or you can build one yourself and save at least 60$ (compared to iaPerformance #iap-fuel-v2) or 140$ (compared to Cobb #315100)

I'm also using Eric's tune on my 2012 STI, he does custom eTunes for both Cobb AP and OpenSource - I went with OpenSource. Took 5 revisions to dial in the car, make sure you clean your MAF with MAF cleaner before hand, and make sure all hoses are tight to minimize boost leaks (if any). Here are my REV5 Logs

Tuning (120$) + Stumble Mod (150$ shipped) + Tactrix Open Port 2.0 (169$ + shipping) is around 450$ - much cheaper than a brand new AccessPort (or about the same price as a used Cobb AP)..

If going stage 2 (and you have an aftermarket downpipe), then might want to use the money saved (compared to buying a new Cobb AP) for a wideband (Zeitronix ZT-3 + ZR-3 Gauge is around 210$) at eBay.

The OEM front O2 sensor calculated value doesn't read any lower than 11:1

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That is quite a bit of A/F Learning. I'm curious what the correction is at the same time.
What do you think, can we leave this datalog here? This post, and a nice post at that, straddles the line between tuner reviews for which there is a separate subforum and tuning posts. The datalog is significant and the case can be made to leave this nice post here.

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May be a good idea to remove just the pic? Best way to share logs is through the "www.datazap.me" app..

Note: I'm on REV5 (make sure you guys clean your MAF!), and shared the data logs in datazap.me | Fast, Free, Interactive Datalogs - i've driven the car for almost 3K miles, will datalog it again one more time to see how it's looking.

Here's my Review

Tuner: Eric of Torqued Performance
Type: eTune using RomRaider, ECU Flash and OpenPort 2.0

Cliff Notes: Love the tune, looks safe, great turnaround, and great price!

Car: 2012 USDM STI - GR Hatch


Performance Mods:

OpenPort 2.0 with Torqued Performance Stage 2 e-Tune
Grimmspeed Downpipe - catted, coated, limited
Grimmspeed 3 Inch Downpipe to Stock Exhaust Type Adapter
Grimmspeed Heatshield
Casper Electronics O2 Sensor Harness Extension (12 inch)
Crawford AOS V2
Group-N Power Steering Cooler
Mishimoto Thermostatic Oil Cooler Kit (MMOC-STI-08TBK)
Mishimoto 2-Row Aluminum Performance Radiator (MMRAD-STI-08)
Mishimoto Top Mount Intercooler (MMTMIC-STI-08)
Stumble Mod Fix - GD Type Setup

Supporting Mods:

Group-N Motor Mounts
Group-N Transmission Mounts
Group-N Pitch Stop
Super Pro CrossMember Isolator Bushings
Prothane Rear Diff Insert Bushing Kit (#16-1610BL)

Suspension Mods:

GTWorx Bilstein Struts (Impreza Cup Kit)
Racecomp Engineering Regular Guy Springs
HVT Non-Lowering Camber Plates
SuperPro 22MM Rear Sway Bar (Set to Soft)
SuperPro Rear EndLinks
SPC Rear Camber Arm (67660)
AVO Rear Sway Bar Mount Reinforcement

Interior Mods:

STI Short Throw Shifter
Hydro-Dipped CF JDM Dual Din Radio Bezel
Hydro-Dipped CF Shifter Surround
STI Red Shifter Knob from 2015
DAMD D-Shaped Steering Wheel
Redline Leather Shifter Boot
Redline Leather Parking Boot
WeatherTech Floor Liners
Pioneer AVIC-X920BT w/ ASWC-1
JDM Arm Rest Extension
JCS Dual Pillar Gauge Pod
Zeitronix ZT-3 / ZR-3 Gauge Wideband Gauge (Red)
ProSport Premium Boost Gauge (White Pointer)

Exterior Mods:

Clear Bra (Full Hood / Front Bumper / Side Fenders)
Rally Armor Mud Flaps (UR)
Previously had a COBB AP and Stage 2 ACN91 OTS Tune, decided to go with an Open Source tune from Eric of Torqued Performance (per great personal reviews from other dublin meet folks). Also had the the infamous GR 2500K RPM stumble from time to time which I hated .

The first thing I noticed about Eric, he replies too darned quick, I am not sure if the guy sleeps - lol. First thing he stated was that he won't tune the car if it didn't have the fuel line extension mod, or the iaPerformance or Cobb stumble fix. Fair enough, the stumbles suck and a mechanical fix cures most of it with the rest being a good tune. Decided to create this HOWTO / WRITEUP (money saved can go towards a wideband IMO)..

He gave me a base map which I flashed and asked me to take a 15-minute cruise log, and some 3RD gear WOT pulls from 2500 -> 6500 logging the following parameters in RomRaider. Note: some extended parameters in ROMRAIDER won't show up until you plug the laptop into the car

A/F Correction #1(%)
A/F Learning #1(%)
A/F Sensor #1(AFR)
Engine Load (4-byte)* (g/rev)
Engine Speed
Feedback Knock Correction (4-byte)*
Fine Learning Knock Correction
Ignition Total Timing
Injector Duty Cycle
Intake Air Temperature
Manifold Absolute Pressure (PSI)
Manifold Relative Pressure(corrected)(PSI)
Mass Airflow (g/s)
Mass Airflow Sensor Voltage
Throttle Opening Angle(%)
Vehicle Speed (mph)

I also threw in the Wideband Output from my Zeitronix ZT-3 as the calculated AFR from the front O2 sensor on the Subaru doesn't read richer than 11.1.

The REV1 map was the basemap and was to be used to initially dial the car, considering it's supposed to be extremely safe, IDC was through the roof, and the AFRs were definitely not CARB legal - lol.. Sent him 2 cruise logs, and 3 - 3RD gear pulls. next day, I get an e-mail stating - here's your REV2 map, and please do some pulls when you get a chance. I was like, does this guy sleep?

That night, data logged the REV2 map - air fuel ratio's you can land a plane on, total timing at peak torque was around 10 degrees (advanced) - rising to around 18 degrees by 6500 RPM. Nothing in the fine learn knock, or feedback knock. Sent him the logs and 30 minutes later he e-mails me, he's your REV3 map and let me know how it goes. Whuut? Getting a response in 30 minutes? Does this guy not sleep? No wife?

Flashed it the next day and data logged the REV3 map - air fuel ratio's you can land a plane on, total timing at peak torque was set to 11 degrees (advanced) - rising to around 19 degrees by 6500 RPM. Nothing in the fine learn knock, or feedback knock. Sent him the logs and we are both pretty happy with it, asked me to take a log after 200 miles to see how it's learning..


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Yet again. Another happy customer here. I recommend doing this if you plan on stage 2 through AP. It's feels 100% better and runs great after you are done. For as cheap as it is. You can't go wrong with this. All around a great mod. Glad to have seen this thread. Definitly changed my car all around. Wish I did this with my sti when I was stage 2. My wrx definitly needed this. Thanks Eric! And thank you ririck for posting this
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