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So we're getting towards the end of the track season here in the PNW and the equipment I started the season with was getting a little worn. I started looking for new front pads and rotors. I found a few vendors who had the DBA 5000's in stock but weren't willing to ship them fast enough for what I was willing to pay. On top of that, a local vendor wasn't able to get me the Project Mu pads I really wanted to try out. So a week before the track day I thought I was SOL and wasn't even going to bother signing up. Then the idea of EBC's poped up.

EBC has a distributor in the PNW so I was able to get parts the same day. Ended up picking up some Reds and the Sport rotors. My friend ran the sport rotors and Ferodo 3000's at the last track day and didn't warp them so that was good news.

I was very skeptical at first because they were EBC but I was assured that after they changed hands, everything had improved. I really wanted to try the yellows but they are backordered for a few weeks.

Install was easy as can be, getting the stock rotors off was the hardest, had to wait about 10 min for the cutter to soak into the rust.

After bedding them in, they felt about the same on the street. As with textured rotors they are going to be a little loud. It sounded like a sprinkler. I was only able to drive on the street for 2 days before the lapping day so I can't really say much about dusting as I was pretty hard on them.

First Session:
These got me really worried. The bite wasn't there and they were getting hot and smoky. I lost a lot of confidence in them and was looking forward to a pretty wimpy day at the track.

Second Session and throughout the day:
This time I got caught up to my friend and of course I got carried away and decided to catch him (same person running the Ferodo 3000's). I missed the start of my original braking zone by a bit and just hammered on them. They bit hard and stopped! I was shocked! From then on they were great, I had no ill concerns about them and they never faded on me once. Note the track I was on had a long front straight (averaging 135-140 all the way to 145 if we pushed it) followed by a high speed sweeper then DOWNHILL (seeing 115mph) into a hairpin.

Some impressions I got from a friend that rode along in both cars were that the Reds were a lot smoother at stopping than the 3000' s. He said that the 3000's felt like they had inconsistent biting.

On the downside, the other STi thinks he might have warped his set of rotors already. However he was only feeling vibration in the second half of the session and when he's back on the street he doesn't feel anything.

Overall I was very impressed with this very inexpensive setup and will be looking forward to trying out the yellows!
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