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STIskeet said:
Is Doug from Topspeed comming to Socal anytime soon? I wanna get my mods installed before he does. Thanks you guys.
He just doesn't decide to come to CA for no reason. Someone needs to take charge and organize it.

1. Decide what type of dyno you want to be tuned on and find a dyno shop that's willing to work with Topspeed. (Letting you guys rent it out for a 2 days). Topspeed will only come out to CA if you can get enough people to do a 2 day tune 5 members per day.

*Pick the dyno place with the most comfortable price/location/dyno setup. See if the dyno place is charging per hour or flat rate per day rental; they'll most likely want money upfront for the flat rate day charge. Benefit of hourly charge is that everyone will be individually responsible for their dyno time fee.*

2. Contact Topspeed if they're willing to coming out, if you did find a dyno place.

3. Topspeed's price is fixed, so figure out the dyno price of the chosen dyno place and create a thread and post all the info's so that you can get as many members to sign as possible to get the tune happening.

4. Keep good track of member signups and create a list on first come first on list. Keep everyone informed on any updates/changes/fallouts/...

It's a lot of work, but if someone takes charge... it can happen again.


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i would guess that this is way to early to put a list together...

depending on when the temperatures in California rise up into the 50°F range, that would be a good time to shoot for a tune date.

more on this next year! :)
1 - 20 of 39 Posts
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