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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Goodbye. 6 years, and only 29,600mi.

2014 Subaru STI
Impulse Racing Shop Car

Well Hello!

My name is Rob, and this was my first new car. I kind of bought it on a whim, and a little suggestion from my wife. Originally I was going to buy a Focus ST, but she talked me out of it at the last minute. This is not my daily driver, but I do drive it pretty often. So far I have about 14,000 miles on the car after owning it for nearly two years.

--Mod List--


Cobb AP V3 (93oct & E85)
Cobb SF Intake w/airbox
Cobb 3" Downpipe
Nameless Catback
Perrin Radiator Shroud
Perrin Alternator Shroud
Cobb Turbo Heatshield
IAG AOS Competition Series Wrinkle Black
Perrin 2.7" Turbo Inlet
Blouch 20g XT-R 8cm^2
PTP Lava Turbo Blanket
Process West TMIC
ID1000cc Injectors
Walboro 450lph Fuel Pump
'04 STI FPR w/ Stumble fix
Turbosmart Dual port BPV


Formerly Tuned by Calvin @ Cobb Plano (93 Oct 350hp/320tq)
Currently Tuned by Keith @ AWDTuning (Baseline of Cobb tune 283hp/265tq)
(93 Oct 310hp/300tq)


Perrin Engine mounts
Perrin Pitchstop mount
Perrin Transmission mount
Perrin Reverse lockout
Whiteline positive shift kit
Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Inserts
Cobb Short throw shifter
Cobb shifter bushings
The Driveshaft Shop Carbon Fiber Driveshaft
ACT Streetlite Flywheel
Southbend Stage 3 Daily clutch
Goodridge SS Clutch line
Legacy Spec B 5/6 long gears
AMSOil Severe Gear fluid


Whiteline 22mm F/R swaybar
Kartboy endlinks
Whiteline Com C Tophats
Bilstein/GTWorx shocks
RCE Yellow springs
Cusco Adjustable Lower Control Arms

Camber: -2.0�/-2.0�
Caster: 7.02�/6.84�
Toe: .03� / .01�

Camber: -1.6� / -1.6�
Toe: .07� / .01�


Defi 60mm Oil Pressure gauge
Defi 60mm Oil Temperature gauge
Defi 60mm Boost Pressure gauge
JCS Pods Triple pod
JPM Coachworks leather shift boot
JPM Coachworks leather Parking brake boot
GT Spec D shaped Steering Wheel
Subaru All-Weather Floormats
Sylvania ZEVO 3175 LED Dome Light


Volk TE37SL Black Edition 18x10 +40
Bridgestone Potenza RE-11 265/35/18
Muteki blue lugnuts
Volk Racing TE37SL Centercap adapters
Volk Racing GT Series Limited Edition centercaps
STI Valvestem caps
R205 STI side badges
JDM Rear fog light
STI V-Limited front lip
Sylvania ZEVO 168 LED License Plate Lights



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Re: 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Planning for the next step!

Picked up from Gillman Subaru North!

Getting ready to send the old girl to her new home

Three turbo 4 bangers!!

And the mods begin!!:

"STI" Stencil from GraphicSTI!

Cobb AP V3 and SF intake w/air box
Running 93 oct Stage I

A few miles later... hit road debris:

But the wife got the car some get well soon gifts!
STI V-limited front lip
SPT oil cap and battery hold down

Little representation!!

Then it was time for stage II!!
Ordered my Nameless cat back with 4" mufflers, but it was going to take a while due to holiday backlog. This was around early December now. So I picked up a set of Nameless muffler deletes to hold me over for the time being!

Cobb DP
Cobb heatshield
Nameless axleback muffler deletes
Defi gauges
JCS triple pod

Then to add in my new Christmas mods. Santa thought I was very good this year!

Perrin Alternator and radiator shroud & R205 Black side markers

Shortly after Christmas, my Nameless cat back came in. The build quality was second to none. First I just installed the midpipe to my Cobb DP and my 3" muffler deletes. It scared old ladys and pissed off the neighbors, but in the end, I decided to take them off. Mainly I felt my bark was more than my bite... so on went the 3.5" staggered double wall flush mount 4"muffler axleback. Sold off the deletes shortly after.

Valentines was right around the corner... so my valentine knows me well.
JDM rear fog light. She even helped pull the bumper off with me!

Next round of mods was to start getting ready for wheels, so suspension, engine mounts, transmission mounts, and some interior creature comforts

GT Spec Steering wheel
JPM Coachworks Shift boot / parking brake boot

Perrin Engine mounts
Perrin Pitchstop
Perrin Transmission mount
Whiteline positive shift kit
Whiteline front and rear sway bars 22mm
Kartboy endlinks

And so I ordered my wheels!!

For years on my car gam,es, almost every car I built had black Volk TE37s on them. Well now I wanted them for real. Little did I know the absolute PITA this would be. First, they do not come with center caps, so I had to get adapters, and that was an adventure all in it self. But Evasive Motorsports came through for me, and this is the result!!

Mocking up the sticker to see if I liked it.... I didn't:rofl:

Well, while the centercap fiasco was ongoing, I couldn't stop getting things ready for the fitment, I still needed to get the suspension on before I could get the fenders rolled, and final alignment. So on went a set of Bilstein/GTWorx w/ RCE yellow springs

Right after install, not settled yet

Well the centercap and adapters came in... and after going through hell to fit the adapters into the hub of the wheel, I discovered the "trick" with the O-rings. It was now time to get the alignment and wheels and tires fitted!

Had the short throw and Perrin lockout thrown in at the same time... figured why not..

Currently, the car is awaiting its next round of mods. Fully built engine, huge ass turbo and the ability to stop with all that power.

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Re: 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Planning for the next step!

Love the build Rob (I'm assuming that's your name based on the video's credits.

Speaking of the video...that was DOPE...nuff said! ;) Can't wait to see this build progress, good choice on not putting the green stickers on, I think it would've looked out of the place as your car's theme seems to be blue and red.

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Cusco parts - Dat Pridy Blooo

After my alignment with the new suspension, it left my rear camber all out of whack, -2.21!

So I ended up getting a great deal on a set of Cusco Adjustable LCAs

Installation wasn't too too bad. Just having to realign the arm to the lower part of the knuckle was a bit of a bear. But over all, I had it done in a little over 90 minutes.

Once everything was buttoned up, made a quick to trip to get it up on the rack.

And the final results I think came out pretty good. Still on stock camber adjustments up front too.


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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | The Driveshaft Shop

Installed the Driveshaft shop Carbon Fiber Driveshaft about three weeks ago, never got around to posting this up.

Instalation was insanely easy.... here is a quick how to:

-Jack up car
-Remove midpipe
-Remove O2
-Remove heatshield
-Remove (2) center bearing carrier bolts
-Remove (4) DS-differential bolts in rear
-Install in reverse order using OEM hardware

After pulling out the OEM DS

New CF shaft installed:

No center bearing due to one piece construction:

Install time: 120 minutes (shoulda been 45min) - Beer and BS breaks
Low speed maneuvering drastically smoother
Low speed shifting is quieter
slight feel in top end acceleration
No increase in NVH (perhaps less than before)
Difficulty = 2.5/10
Benefit = 2/10 (10= your first tune or huge turbo build)

Street Dyno included
Peak HP + 8-12 Peak TQ +5-7
All power increases are above 5100 RPM
Below 5100 RPM, improvements in drivability


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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | IAG AOS Competition Series

Finally got around to installing the IAG AOS.
Its been sitting in a box since late November, so it was time.
Installation was a bit of a PITA, but overall, its a good piece of hardware.

With everything disassembled, there was trace amounts of oil in the TMIC outlet and the Throttle body coupler. Other than that, everything was clean.

Now true, the car only has 9850 miles on it, but I thought it would have been worse.

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R and the search for E85

So the time came for some more power. I finally settled on maxing out the stock block as safely as I could using an upgraded turbo. So I got in contact with my tuner in Plano, and they suggested E85 with fuel rails and FPR to also take care of the stumble.

Walboro 450 for headroom


IAG fuel rails, Aeromotive FPR and IAG lines

Blouch 20G XT-R and Perrin Inlet

Southbend clutch and ACT flywheel for the extra power

Wife decided I needed a TMIC for my birthday. Wassnt part of the plan though.
So I figured I'd throw in a Turbosmart BOV while I was at it.

After installing the clutch to break it in for 1000miles, I then install the new turbo and inlet, and head up to Plano with fuel system parts and E85 in the trunk. Drop off the car, grab my rental car and hotel room, and wait for epic power! Immediatly bad news starts to trickle in. Tuner says they think the IAG rails are not safe due to no O-Ring recesses in AN fitting (they are machined into the rail itself), and that they dont want to install them. Also, they have other rails in stock, and they will install them after they remove the airpump and intake manifold.

Well i decided to skip that, and proceed. About an hour later, I get another call stating that my TMIC and BOV are leaking. So after a smoke test and helicoil, thats all fixed up.
Next day is dyno day. I head up to the shop just in time to see the car finishing up its 93 tune! 350whp and 320tq. Torque seemed a bit low, but the HP is right where I had guessed!

Then the other shoe drops. Tuner says he doesnt want to tune the E85. He says that at 20psi on 93, I had 350hp and that was enough... and that E85 would prolly pop the engine.

So I drive home rather deflated. Trunk full of parts and fuel :mad:

Car is quicker but it just wasnt what I had paid for. If I wanted 350 hp, I would have stayed stock turbo, and done just the E85... then at least I would have had torque.

After spending a few months researching, I decided to risk it all, and headed to AWDTuning in Flower Mound, TX.
First thing was first, a baseline pull to see what the current tune looked like on their dyno.
Current protune did 283hp/265tq (about 18% lower)

Keith suggested a 05STI FPR and colder plugs. Also suggested a compression test due to the low baseline readings. All cylinders came in at 140psi accross the board :cool:. After install, we were in business.
After the 93 tune, I knew I was in good hands as Keith extracted the real potential from the setup I had done.
AWDTuning 93 tune 310hp/300tq
Car did very well, but this time, no gut punch... in went the corn, and ready for round 2!
AWDTuning E85 tune 385hp/371tq

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R and the search for E85

So for a while now I have been experiencing a grind in my 3-4 shift when driving hard. It has started to get pretty bad. So upon some research I found this stuff called "Synchro-magic" sold by 42 Autosports. Seeing as this stuff and new fluid cost a fair bit less than a $4000 transmission rebuild I figured "why the hell not"
So I picked up some 75-90 Subaru gear oil and a cheap fluid hand pump from ORileys and set off.

Directions indicate that you should drain about 1 liter of fluid then put in the Synchro magic. Then drive around normal for about 20 minutes.

After the drive, it was time to change the tranny fluid

Not too much metal on the drain plug. But the car only has 14,000 miles at this time.

While I had the car in the air, I decided I might as well do a mod. So a small cheap set of Whiteline Rear Diff Positive Power Kit Inserts went in.

Well after everything was said and done, I believe the #4 synchro is too far gone for a magic elixir to fix. The transmission is going to need a rebuild :banghead::censored:

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | 6mt rebuild and LGT long gears

Well the time finally came to get the 4th gear grind under control. Frankie at AWDTuning was the only one i considered for the task. He was able to get the car in and out in 2.5 days while also putting in the Legacy Spec B long ratio 5/6 gears! Its great having my car able to shift smooth again, and the extended gears are awesome!


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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R and the search for E85

Hello, great project!
Can you tell me what rpm you have now at 60mph/6th gear?

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R and the search for E85

Hello, great project!
Can you tell me what rpm you have now at 60mph/6th gear?

Im not sure about that range but I do know at 6th gear and 3k RPMs he told me he was somewhere close to 80mph. I am super jelly of the long gears :p

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R just livin' day by day

So I guess this could be considered an update of sorts. I finally decided after 28 months that the car deserved a full bore detail.
So everything started with a foam cannon and wash with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash & Gloss.
Wheels cleaned with Chemical guys Diablo Wheel gel
Followed by a full clay bar treatment.

Once the car was prepped it was time to start adding some shine!
First order of buisness was Chemical Guys Glossworkz Glaze
Then a coating of Jet Seal
Topped off with Lava Paste Wax

Afterwards used some Chemical Guys Black on Black to dress up the few plastic trim parts around the car and Adams VRT to dress the tires.

Here you can also see the STI's stable mate :)

While I diddnt get any shots of the interior, here is a list of what I used inside:
CG Leather cleaner / Conditioner
CG Inner Clean
CG Mat ReNew
CG Window Clean
CG Stripper Scent Air Freshener

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Blouch 20g XT-R just livin' day by day

Absolutely fantastic choice of detailing products!! The STi looks even more incredible all shined-up Rob!! Great job!

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Re: Rob's 2014 WRB STI Sedan | Three year update!

Well i know updates have been few and far between. This has been a rough year for me, financially, personally and automotively. (not sure if that's a word, but I'm gonna run with it.)
The car just had its 3rd birth day last week, its amazing how fast time goes by.

I've had 2 close friends have serious Subaru issues, one of which never recovered. So that was rough, but I hope everything works out in the end.

1 Note of positive news... I decided to start a profile on Wheelwell. I heard about it in one of Matt Farah's one take videos. Very quickly my car was in the top 50 of most modified cars! I'm even now part of "Team Wheelwell"... whatever that means, but hey Its cool to me!

Wheelwell | Build it. Drive it. Share it.

You can check it out here if you like.

At this time I don't plan on selling the car, but I have been driving it a lot more, and just enjoying what I built, instead of focusing on what it can beat. But time will tell.
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