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Latest pic: 1/23/10

That's right I just referred to myself in the third person. :rolleyes: :lol:

The story began when I picked up a 05 Obsidian Black Pearl STi in October, 04. After moderately "mod-ing" my FC RX7 Turbo for years and having to deal with blown motors and turbos, I told myself I would not get into modifying the new love in my life.

I signed the papers received the keys from my salesman. I start the car and the odometer reads 7miles. I think to myself, 'I have never driven anything with 7miles.' I pull out in my silky black monster on wheels and stop at a red light in the middle lane. I hear a girl's voice over the music, "Hey, do you like your new STi??" I look over to my left and see a cute blonde pretty much drooling over my car. I give her a nod and a smile and pull off as the light changed to green. 'This is just gonna get better'

Fast forward 4days 23hrs 43mins 17secs. It's a rainy night and I'm sitting in my brand new OBP STi in a left turn lane. Light changes and I get going when all of sudden the rearend breaks loose and snaps around. I barely countersteer to avoid the center "island."

Next morning, I attempt to order a set of SSR Competitions with all season tires to find out that the bolt patterns is available only for 04. So I end up with my second choice, SSR GT7 gray with silver lip and Pirelli P-Zero Nero. My OEM silver BBS to be stored away with less than 100miles(mostly wet) on them. Still, I told myself that this wasn't really modifying my car. It's for safety!

Onto November, 05. I just can't stand the wheel gap anymore. I look into lowering springs and hastily decide on Tein S Techs and a pair of Cusco camber plates. I get aligned at Andrewtech with -2.5deg camber front and -1.5deg rear with 0 toes all the way around. Initially, the car feels and looks awesome. Thus, the "mod-ing" cherry is popped. :naughty:

March, 06. I finally say farewell to my FC after getting it to run again. After the sale, I have $2000 for mods for the STi. :D I think TBE and EM. After some research, I decide on TXS catless TBE RFL-Ti, TXS intake, TXS UTEC. While ordering, I change my mind to Cobb AP. I also ordered Greddy 60mm Boost peak/hold gauge to keep tabs on boost level. A week later, I was running Cobb 93oct Stg2 LWG with boost peaking at 1.3bar.

By this time, the low sprung S Tech had exponentionally accelerated the premature wear on the OEM struts. In other words, they were blown. :tdown: My "only" option? Full coilovers. :banana: After extensive research, I decide on Whiteline Group 4s from Myles/Andrew/Dan @ RCE/GTWORX. :D Week later, they were installed by yours truly with the help from Dan (BoostJunkie) and Ross (spazenut2213). Three days later brings us to Today, when I aligned the car to the following specs.

New Alignment Specs

I honestly did not plan on modifying my STi at all. But the infamous "mod bug" bit me good. I have plans to finish setting up my suspension with WL 29mm adj front sway bar, 24mm adj rear bar, endlinks, rear sway bar mount, ALK. Then from there start working on power again. I plan to attack the exterior at the end with a new paintjob and clear bra (a must for any black cars). We'll see where it all takes me.

I'd like to thank the IWSTI.com community for many inspirations, informations, and support. :bow:

TXS TBE (catless) Stealth back w/ Cusco hangers
Wrapped and Coated TXS DP (catless)
APS 65mm CAI
APS Dual Vent BPV
Denso Iridium Plugs (1 step colder)
Cobb AP v1 stg 2.x
Cobb Street Tuner
Road Tuned by Jeff (crystal_Imprezav)
Innovate LC-1 Wideband
Greddy Oil CC
P&L AVCS/Turbo oil feed kit
Fumoto Valve

Seibon RC style CF hood
V-Limited Style Polyurethane lip
Syms replica CF rear spoiler
Debadged completely
IWSTI.COM stickers
30% tint
5% sun strip tint
Pillarless Mod
Summit Point & VIR track decals (ricer in me coudln't resist)
Hella Supertones

Schroth Quick-Fit Rally4 harnesses driver/passenger
Defi Red Racer Boost Gauge
Defi Red Racer Oil Pressure Gauge
LC-1 DB-Red W/B Meter
Dyno Tune LED A/F Meter
Kedwood Excelon KVT-819DVD
Polk db650
Polk db400
Blackberry 8793e GPS Navigation :lol:
AndrewSS Camera Mount (loved it, but stolen)
GoPro Hero HD Motorsport (my favorite new toy)

Cusco Camber Plates
Whiteline Group 4 Coilovers(Circuit - F 5kg/mm (~280lbs/in) R 4kg/mm (~225lbs/in))
Whiteline 27-29mm Fr. Sway Bar
Whiteline 27-29mm Rr. Sway Bar
Whiteline Heavy Duty Rear Bar Mount
Kartboy Endlinks
CarLabs Chromoly X-Brace
Whiteline Rear Subframe Lock Bolt
Custom alignment by yours truly :D
DBA 4000 Rotors
Hawk HPS (street)
Pagid Yellows (for track use)
Goodrich SS brake lines
Motul RBF600/ATE SuperBlue Fluid

OEM Silver BBS 245/40/17 Kumho Ecsta XS & Dunlop Direzza Star Spec Summer/Track
SSR 18x8 GT7 silver/gray 235/40 Kumho ECSTA ASX Winter

Track Experience
2/24-2/25/07: NASA HPDE1 @ VIR-Full
4/07-4/08/07: THSCC/TZC HPDE Green/Solo @ VIR-North
July 07: NASA HPDE2 @ VIR-North
Feb. 10: NASA HPDE2 @ VIR-Full and VIR-North
Mar. 10: PCA Z2 HPDE Blue group/solo @ VIR
Apr. 10: NASA HPDE2 @ Summit Point Main
May 10: PCA HPDE Blue/White Group @ Summit Point Main

Wht/Gr/Blk IWSTI shirts
Various TPC Racing attire
TPC Hat signed by the Rolex 2004 SGS Championship Team Drivers:
Randy Pobst(06 Daytona 24 Winner), Michael Levitas(06 Daytona 24 Winner), Andy Lally, Marc Bunting, JF Demoulin (07 Daytona 24 Winner)
Black G-Force Pro-Force 1 Helmet
Red Arai Quantum f helmet
Blk Sparco Profi gloves
Canon Rebel XTi - 400D

On the Fedex/UPS Truck/Waiting To Be Installed
Walboro fuel pump (I can't even find this thing in my basement anymore)


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Arrival of Syms Replica Wing w/ 4th pc (new base).... use it or not? pg.23

Sorry for the huge pics. Should I reduce them to fit the screen?

2 weeks after I bought the car


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Thanks, Jet. I figured since I'm gonna be throwing parts at my STi, it'd nice to journal the progress. Plus, I was a little bored this afternoon. :)

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electronblur said:
Great looking car, the rims look really nice on the black. :tup:
Thanks. I think it looks so much better now with proper ride height. Gonna have to a take some new pictures....

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Oh, I was just gonna take some quick snaps with my shi**y 2.1mp camera. But we can make it another photoshoot if you want.

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drbiggieg said:
you should get a few shots after you get them installed :)
They are installed.. just too lazy to take pics of it..... wait i'll do it now after some updates..

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Well, I felt froggish enough today to attempt two minor modification to the exterior: clearing headlights and pillarless grill

While the headlights are done, paint of the grill is drying as we speak.

here's few shots of cleared headlights...


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My apologies for the poor quality of the shots and the dirty (_|_) car. I assure you she gets 3-4 wash/wax per month.

I'll be takings a few more shots once the paint on the grill dries. I'll also get some shots of the G4s.

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Thanks Jet. Once the "cherry" was popped, I can't stop. :eek2: Will be ordering a set of sway bars in the next two weeks.....

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More pics... with the pillarless grill installed.

I used flat black paint... I may end up pulling it back out and repainting it with some other color. it could use another bondo job... my first attempt wasn't as clean as i'd like.

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