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Price: $1500 USD + shipping & pp fees
Location: Toronto, Canada
Item: rare set of 4 volk / rays RE30 wheels (no tires) in very good condition. No curb rash, damage, bends etc., some scratches from removing wheel nuts (mostly just one wheel). Includes mag blue center caps and a set of volk center caps (not pictured).

Debuted at SEMA in 2006, the Volk Racing RE30 was an evolution from their previous flagship racing wheel, the CE28N. The RE30 is over 30% stronger than the CE28N. The RE30 represents Volk Racing's strongest and lightest racing wheels, beating both the TE37SL and CE28SL. It utilized their new disc forging method which allowed for 6mm more dish compared to other volk wheels of the same offset. This means higher offsets like +44 have a nice amount of dish and don't need +35 or lower offset to achieve an attractive dish, like the CE28N and other volk wheels. For the uninformed, these are made with a 10,000 ton forging press which is the highest of any wheel company. This is why Rays wheels are priceless and always hold their value, you can't find something stronger & lighter.

At 8.5 inches wide and 44 offset, this is a very uncommon but desirable size in the 5x100 bolt pattern. These wheel dimensions fit perfectly in terms of performance (scrub radius) on the legacy 05-09 BP/BL chassis as well as the narrow body 08+ WRX. These also fit the maximum wheel size without rubbing in these two chassis'. These wheels clear brembos. These will also fit nicely on a GC and 02-07 GD impreza. Painted in a beautiful magnesium blue which looks dark/black on the car but shines blue in direct light. No curb rash, no bends, low mileage (summer usage only). There is some minor scratches and chips from removing wheel nuts -that's it

I got really lucky finding these wheels, they are my dream wheels and I really don't want to let them go but I need the money.

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