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R & T pricing clue

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chicago show & me sitting in the *STi*

This months Road & Track has a short blurb on the STi. Last sentence reads "When the STi hits U.S. shores in June, expect it to cost just north of $30,000."

Pretty much about what we've been hearing....but "just North" lets me hope it will be very near 30k rather than the more often tossed out figure of 32K. :-?

Also as an FYI...they test the EVO and at a 6 grand drop, get 5.1 seconds 0 to 60. Quarter mile is posted at 13.8/101.5. Impressive times but oh so hard on the drivetrain! :eek:

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91TB78 said:
Now, I know these prices are in Euros, which is worth more than dollars :x
Dangit when did the Euro beat the dollar? Have I been asleep? I did a little research since I didn't believe it and found the Euro has been ahead steadily since December.

Who knew? (not me)

So doesn't that make the STi more than 32k if you compare it the the German version? Did a little calcuation and it makes it $34,676.98.
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