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Quote from my local dealer!! Argh!!

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"The STI is still a year or two away.
We are expecting only 500 to 1000 for the U.S.
The MSRP is to be around $30000.
The availability and demand at the time will dictate the price."(that last part is in response to my asking them if they will sell at or below the MSRP price)...

Argh, only 500 to 1000... thats a lotta demand just considering so much hype(hopefully its true)!! eep...
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This is my biggest concern about the price of the STi... dealer markup. I am still willing to spend a reasonable amount but if dealers tack on $5k or more then F em. As far as other vehicles out classing the STi, I could care less. I do not want an STi for the name, woodgrain dash, leather, or anything like that. Now performance is a different story. Name a vehicle that comes with everything the STi hopefully will in the mid $30k range that performs as good. To me the STi has no competition. A cobra mustang, RX8, 350Z, or anything like that is not in the same category in my book. As a daily driver in the midwest I need AWD and it to be somewhat practical... a sedan with a usable back seat, decent sized trunk, etc. I need the STi! :smile:
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