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Quick Help! Hella horns

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Hello, I needed help installing hella horns without the wiring harness and brackets. How do I connect both horns since the stock one only has that one connector point? And I'm going to the store to buy a nut and bolt to bolt the other hella horn to the opposite side of where the stock horn is. Do I need to buy anything else? I'm terrible with wiring..
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If I'm not mistaken, one connector on the Hella is grounded, and the other receives the power connection, but I'm not 100% certain. I ordered the harness and mounting bracket from subimods.
It's not from this site, so I'll give you a break for not searching, but I know I found it after only a couple minutes of googling "hella" "subaru"

Here is the link DIY that helped me the most.
Hella Supertone Install Write-Up + Selfish 2011 WRX and El Camino Update Photos
Thanks, I just kind of needed an idiots guide for this. Everything I found had me really confused..
PM me if that link doesn't help. I wired mine up with about $2 worth of stuff you can get at a local electronics store. I can send you photos if you need them.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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