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i have a 06 sti
im goin to be purchasing stainless steel clutch line and goin to be installing it for my self so i figure since im goin to be there anyways im goin to right ahead doin the CLUTCH DELAY VALVE removal..

i have a questions

1. is removing the clutch delay valve make a difference? in response
2. is it safe to remove that?
3. i think i read somewhere that 06 is pull type and 04 05 are pushtype will this removal be okay
4. anyone have imput how this mod feel after
5. any 06 people that did this plz i need ur opinion

yea i did search but i couldnt really find the answere i needed



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i must be having a dejavu.

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1. i can't tell you if you'll notice the difference. i did 6 puck race clutch at the same time.
2. the clutch delay valve is there to protect the tranny from people who can't drive a stick. if you can drive, you don't need it.
3. all usdm sti's have "pull-type" clutches (unless someone is playing a cruel joke on me)
4. see "1." above
5. i'm an '04 guy myself but i don't think it matters.

here is the thread you want to follow:
you must complete both steps for it to function properly.

here is little ricky's alternative method for the second step.
you can drive around all day looking for the right sized/threaded oil drain plug to replace the stock one OR you can simply plug the oil reservoir hole in the stock plug with a set screw. this requires you to find a slightly larger "set screw" than the hole and then tapping the hole so it will screw in and plug the hole. if you can access a set screw and a tap set, it's a no brainer.
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