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Yay! New page!

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Used to be awesome, when this place was busy with Danny, Jet, Nan, Del, and the rest of the shit-talking crew.

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Left foot brake a tiny bit while adding throttle, see what happens.

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I'll give it a shot, though this technique is more effective on the HMMWV's I've driven with their torque-biasing differentials and lack of a BOS (brake override system) that these newer vehicles have.

In addition, it's rather difficult to do it with a single-range manual transmission. I risk stalling the engine with the two-foot technique.

Also, my dumb*** bought this hand soap some months ago without realizing I bought cheap old stock that has been banned by the FDA:

Made in USA ISO shipping containers (supposedly the manufacturer of U.S. Government and U.S. Military containers)
W&K Container

FightCade replay data

Makinator (excellent fights)
/replay [email protected]

Giraux (excellent fights)
/replay [email protected]

Outside of Time (two glitches, excellent learning experience as Alex)
/replay [email protected]

Jimbo_Slice (interesting fights)
/replay [email protected]

2Btoogreat (Hugo main player)
/replay [email protected]

AdamResonance (Alex main player, interesting unknown tricks)
/replay [email protected]

dc5vince (just messing around)
/replay [email protected]

lurking Subaru whore
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A counter-terrorism unit in Italy called the CARABINIERI use Subaru Foresters, Subaru XV's (Crosstreks) and Subaru Outbacks as their response vehicles:

[CARABINIERI] Fiat Bravo + Reparto Motociclisti in sirena - Carabinieri responding code 3 - YouTube



Quite interesting choice of police vehicle. Makes me happy to see Subaru police vehicles being a thing

Also, a local Italian police department bought a fleet of Subaru XV's for police use
Subaru - 404

Law Enforcement tires, police tires, police car tires

Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor w/ 16" wheels - P225/60R16
Ford Crown Victoria Police Interceptor w/ 17" wheels - P235/55R17
Ford Police Interceptor Sedan/Utility - 245/55R18 all-season BSW
Ford SSP Sedan (Special Service Police Sedan) - 235/55R18 BSW
Dodge Charger Pursuit V6 - P225/60R18 99V BSW All-season performance
Dodge Charger Pursuit V8 - P245/55R18 99W BSW All-season performance
Chevrolet Tahoe PPV (Police Pursuit Vehicle) - P265/60R17 all-season, V-rated, blackwall
Chevrolet Caprice PPV - P235/50R18 all-season BSW (W-speed rating; 168 MPH)
Ford Police Responder Hybrid Sedan - 235/50R17 all-season BSW
Ford F-150 Police Responder - 275/65R18 OWL all-terrain

common police car tire sizes from smallest to largest


all-season police/pursuit tires
Goodyear Eagle RS-A
Goodyear Eagle Sport
Firestone Firehawk GT Pursuit
Continental ContiProContact
Michelin Pilot HX MXM4
Pirelli Pzero Nero
Pirelli P6 Four Seasons
BFGoodrich Advantage T/A

all-weather police/pursuit tires
Goodyear Eagle Enforcer

winter police/pursuit tires
Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-2
Goodyear Eagle Ultra Grip GW-3
Firestone Firehawk PVS
Nokian WRG2
Nokian WRG3

on/off-road all-terrain police/pursuit tires
Goodyear Wrangler All-Terrain Adventure With Kevlar

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Why VDC is necessary for off-roading and low-traction situations

I know for a fact there is a small trend of Subaru drivers who have a desire to completely kill off their VDC at times completely (which despite the "VDC OFF" button and feature existing, does not actually completely turn off VDC) in order to get more-desired handling in rallycross situations. Let me clarify I don't necessarily have a problem with that, however, I would like to elaborate why VDC is necessary for improved off-road performance.

I would like it to be known that, in general, any Subaru with VDC (Vehicle Dynamics Control) is going to perform better off-road than a Subaru with open front diff and open rear diff without VDC from a torque transfer standpoint. Subaru vehicles equipped with X-MODE have a better-calibrated VDC that reacts quicker and better to traction changes expected during low-traction situations compared to vehicles that have just VDC.

The reason being is that LSD's (limited-slip differentials) cannot transfer sufficient torque. A viscous LSD in the rear has insufficient torque transferring capabilities for slow-speed off-road use, a torque-sensing LSD does not transfer torque to the wheel with most grip if the other side is in the air (much like an open diff), and of course an open diff (the most common configuration of diff) transfers the most torque to the wheel with the least grip. This paragraph and thread is specifically addressing side-to-side torque transfer.

Front-to-rear torque transfer is sufficient in Subaru's AWD systems to be considered a non-issue except for situations where the ECU/TCU intervene through excessive engine power cutoff.

Drawback of open front and rear diffs demonstrated in real-life situation,
regardless of AWD center differential and/or torque transfer system.
At the time marker of 0:14 [14 seconds], this 1st generation Subaru Forester (SF chassis) attempts a water crossing but encounters a situation where the LF (left front) and RR (right rear) wheels do not have sufficient traction.
As a result of having open front diff and rear diff and a lack of VDC, the torque of the engine is transferred to the wheels with the least grip as the vehicle spins those tires helplessly.
Subaru Forester Off Road - I think I took that one a tad fast - YouTube
YouTube video code: 5MjCzHpcpfM YouTube video title: Subaru Forester Off Road - I think I took that one a tad fast
YouTube channel code: UC_uIq1hkQuQUavV1ovSLQhw YouTube channel name: Subaru Off-Road

A controlled environment demonstrating the drawback of open diffs
At the time marker 2:35 [2 minutes 35 seconds], the individual places their hand on one of the wheels, stopping it from spinning yet the wheel on the other side continues receiving torque despite having the least grip (wheel is in air, therefore has the least traction available).
How an Open Differential Works! - YouTube
YouTube video code: TCVbipMoWtY YouTube video title: How an Open Differential Works!
YouTube channel code: UCCZM3brTWaHd-L_Hs_TDeEw YouTube channel name: Rick Taylor

All-in-one video demonstration
depicting both how an open diff acts during low traction situations and how a Toyota/Lexus-equivalent system of Subaru's VDC works to simulate the action of an LSD (limited-slip differential) to transfer torque from the wheels that slip to the wheels that grip, eventually bringing the vehicle to move given sufficient traction is available.
Active Traction Control - YouTube
YouTube video code: LXwNllw0CLQ YouTube video title: Active Traction Control
YouTube channel code: UCDyFw9t7Tq6cUsXwPDtBOcA YouTube channel name: LexusTechNavigator

Practical off-road demonstration of Subaru VDC
transferring torque from wheels that slip to wheels with grip to eventually move the vehicle. Captions and annotations explain pretty well what's going on and how it does its job. The vehicle featured is a 3rd generation Subaru Forester XT (SH chassis).
Testing vdc with forester 2.5XT MY09 auto. - YouTube
YouTube video code: W5g4ySOh0WE YouTube video title: Testing vdc with forester 2.5XT MY09 auto.
YouTube channel code: UCUX9syGm9kBlAiMjbmgwPoA YouTube channel name: suba600

Practical off-road demonstration of Subaru VDC and Subaru X-MODE
transferring torque from the wheels that slip to the wheels with grip to eventually move the vehicle. Plenty of information provided in this demonstration.
At time marker 0:36 [36 seconds], you can see VDC working to clamp the brakes on the slipping wheels to transfer torque to wheels with grip and eventually resulting in the Forester overcoming the obstacle.
At time marker 0:53 [53 seconds], you can see VDC with X-MODE activated clamping the brakes on the slipping wheels at a much quicker reaction than with just VDC ON. This video goes on with other off-road type situations demonstrating the behavioral differences with just VDC and VDC working with X-MODE. The vehicle featured is a 4th generation Subaru Forester (SJ chassis)
AWD Test: 2017 Subaru Forester Diagonal and OffRoad / THE Most Complete review! / Part 6/8 - YouTube
YouTube video code: cW3zwUBMGF8 YouTube video title: AWD Test: 2017 Subaru Forester Diagonal and OffRoad / THE Most Complete review! / Part 6/8
YouTube channel code: UCYLv8QcoJ7NfVfTAyz6ekHA YouTube channel name: CarQuestion

lurking Subaru whore
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Marriage. The institution where one's existence goes to die. All married people prattle on about their so-called marital bliss. About how they love saying "I'm home!" to their spouses, or how seeing their sleeping kids motivates them for tomorrow. But think about it. You can say "I'm home" if you live with your parents. You can even buy some mouthwash and say "I'm home!" to the hippos on the label. And if they're talking about seeing their sleeping kids, that just means they're working hellish overtime hours. How is that in any way blissful? They preach the joys of marriage, yet their eyes are as soulless as my own. Just like zombies who drag people into their swamp.
- Hachiman Hikigaya (比企谷 八幡, ひきがや はちまん), Hikigaya Hachiman
from the anime Oregairu/俺ガイル known as:
  • My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU
  • My Youth Romantic Comedy Is Wrong, As I Expected
  • Yahari Ore no Seishun Love Come wa Machigatteiru
  • やはり俺の青春ラブコメはまちがっている。
Quote found on season 1 OVA episode animated by animation studio, Brain's Base.

Light novel material that the anime is based on is written by Wataru Watari.

Some... U.S. Army National Guard veteran stuff...

Pokemon GO warning for U.S. Army soldiers

2014 California wildfires

Operation Patriot Bandoleer
. .
. .

Oroville evacuation Feb 2017

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Fightcade user dontsandbagplease is a very amusing character, despite their rage and ragequit, I would glady play against them again despite me having a much lower skill level than them on SFIII3S.

<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> wat
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> you fucker
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> what?
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> did I do something wrong?
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> NO
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> lmao
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> MOTHERFUCKER
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> FUCK YOU
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> why?
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> wow
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> you fucked me
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> nah, you got more wins bro
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> now im gonna fuck you
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> NO
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> well, you did, I don't see the problem
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> so, why you so aggressive in chat and playing?
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> cause im mad
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> this some kind of roid rage or something?
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> ok
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> i didn't get my 10 streak
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> you cunt fuck
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> wow
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> you must have had a bad day
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> im getting mine tonight
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> wow
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> this dude
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> no
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> NO
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> dude I love your reactions
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> I'm gonna keep this chat log
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> FUCK
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> cuntbag
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> yeah thats right
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> jump into your death
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> sandbagger
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> awwww
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> how am I a sandbagger?
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> I'm not even good
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> everyone sandbags
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> your sandbagging and you don't even know it
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> WOW
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> FUCK YOU
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> gottem
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> you must've had some trauma against sandbaggers :/
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> 4 more until your gone for good
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> you bitch
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> WOW
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> WTF
<System> GAME: <AWDfreak> you had it going man, what happened?
<System> GAME: <dontsandbagplease> fuck this shit
<System> To replay your match, type /replay [email protected]
<dontsandbagplease> cocksucking sandfagger
<dontsandbagplease> every time

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without a doubt, dontsandbag is a millennial. likely one is his late-twenties and never held a job.. this fuck is throwing around trigger words as if he never attended public school. obviously never laid and probably in support of a 'universal income' so he can continue sandbaging on some time-sink internet fantasy game taking his plate of food from my check..

fuck these douches, im going to plow the asian girlfriend of a millennial this weekend - because everybody sandbags bro.

lurking Subaru whore
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If I move out of the state of California... should it be Utah, or Arizona?
all-purpose tire Goodyear Eagle RS-A P225/60R16 ; winter tire Goodyear Eagle ULTRA GRIP GW-2 P225/60R16 ; summer tire BFGoodrich g-Force Sport COMP-2 225/55ZR17 ; all-terrain tire Yokohama Geolandar A/T G015 215/65R16 ;
Both states seem like true freedom-loving states. But I'm still well-planted in California for now.

mac daddy - I don't think you realize that beach and sand driving provides nowhere near the harshness as driving hard on a racetrack, nor is it as harsh as driving on a long windy downhill mountain pass. Stock Porsche brakes are very likely to survive such conditions, most stock Subaru brakes will not, as the brake pads and/or brake fluid will either get close to failing or completely become ruined. The typical mainstream brand (non-luxury) brake pads overheat at around 300 degrees Celsius (572 Fahrenheit), and most usually use DOT 3 brake fluid, which is probably the same for any stock Subaru braking system. The majority of Subaru's vehicles aren't meant to take on racing conditions without proper modifications safely, while Porsche's vehicles will require less-intensive or even no modification to have the brakes safely operate in racing conditions.
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