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Well, hello to a fellow nashvillian. I'm the van bortel-ite who keeps pushing them for east-coasters, simply because I hate dealers who mark up just because demand is high. Van Bortel is located in Victor, NY and their number is 1-800-724-8872, ask for Shawn. As for a more local dealer, I visited Kelly Subaru in chattanooga & they were very nice and selling at MSRP. They're wait list was short, mainly beacuse most wanted to drive the car before buying, but you would probably be #2 or #3 on the list if you put down a deposit, and they've already gotten & delivered one. If you have to have it now, you can simply go to subaru's web site and search inventory of dealers, call the one's showing an STI and see if they are selling for MSRP. I think the closest one I found last week to nashville was in northern KY, but it changes all the time. I'm #26 on Van Bortel's list, hope to have mine by august. I think their list is up to 80 now.

You sold your vette before the big vette weekend here in nashville? Impressive. Obviously I have a real problem with our local dealer, Jim Reed-they resort to high pressure sales techniques, and will most likely be marking up considerably given their history. I think they have 6-7 on the list. Go to kelly in chattanooga.

Later on,
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