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Prospective Build List - Feedback Appreciated

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So I'm currently deployed, set to get home in January. I decided to start planning out the next part of my build as a way to scratch the itch while I'm gone.

As for goals, this is still my DD so I'm looking to keep it reliable, but with some track days thrown in. I'd like to (safely) get the most gains out of the stock engine and turbo.

Here's the current setup on my 2011 STI Sedan.
Intake: Cobb Intake w/ Box
Boost Control: GrimmSpeed EBCS
DP: CNT Catless (titanium wrapped)
GD Style FPR and Fuel Return mod
Custom tune by IAG

When I got tuned, they found boost creep issues due to the Catless DP. So with that in mind, here's what I'm looking at for when I get home.

Injectors: ID 1000cc
Fuel Pump: DW 300LPH
EWG: Tial 38mm V-Band
Headers/Up-Pipe: GTSPEC Gen II UEL and Up-Pipe. IAG makes a kit that seems to be a good deal. I don't plan on building big enough to see the gains that EL provide. I am curious about the porting options on the stock headers, but haven't seen enough to know if that's the way to go or not. If someone's got more info I'm all ears.
Cross-pipe: Still looking into this, they all seem the same for the most part. I was primarily looking at the GrimmSpeed option.
TMIC: Grimm Speed TMIC

Of course, retuned by IAG after all this.

Well that's it, starting to plan this out has relieved the itch a little. I'd be interested to hear opinions. "Hey that's an awesome build list!" would be preferred, but critiques and suggestions are good too.
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