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Normally I don't rant and rave about any local shops but I recently had some header issues with my Invidia set that I purchased locally here in Denver from Street Concepts. They hit the crossmember and the turbo bolt holes were drilled wrong. Tried dealing with Invidia directly and they wanted no part and told me I would have to take them back to Street Concepts which I think is crappy of them. Its not Street Concepts fault that Invidia made a bad batch of headers! Due to a death in my family, it was a couple of months before I could get them off my STi. Finally got the Invidia's off my car and took them back to Street Concepts. They had no problem ordering another brand of header for me and it was here in 2 days!

I also had some leaking Perrin fuel rails and Street Concepts had to get involved just to get them returned for another set.

I couldn't of asked for a better shop and its nice to see these guys actually care about their customers and help resolve issues like mine.

Thanks Street Concepts!
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