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Proline F1-gearbox in std. WRX?

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So the WRC Impreza has this trick automated manual gearbox with steering wheel paddle shifters made by Proline. This link shows it:

Does anyone know if they or some other company has a similar transmission that they can put on a standard WRX? (and one which costs a bit less than the 300,000 British pounds they charge for the full WRC Impreza rally car? Thanks for any info. (BTW, the Proline website doesn't mention this as one of their products, and they don't seem to have an email address to contact someone there...)

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HAHAHA!!! tech jerk gets one in the arse....

Quaife has 6 spd sequential tranny's for about 15K us. have a LSD and your choice of gears, don't think they have paddles though...
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