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My name is Idin (pronounced like Eye-din).

I always knew Imprezas through the original Legacy and GC Impreza 555 rally cars but my favourite car was Lancia Delta Integrale HFs. That was until I started semi competitive PC rally gaming and came across THE blue car with a different sound :)

It had some understeer but lift off and left foot braking was almost magical and soon it was my favourite car...

Long story short, I have a 2002 genuine bugeye STI. Two years ago I bought a GR white hatch but ended up cancelling the order as

1-The bug "felt" better as more involving and analogue. Almost a nice hybrid between GC and GD having good attributes of each: raw and feelsome gc and chassis rigidity of GD, noting the little fanboy within :)

2- The dealer took too damn long to deliver.


My interpretation of a STI GT3 RS.

Special thanks to:
�GIR troops
�Chris Touge Tuning
�Ryan P2P racing
�Mario Veloce motorsport
�Adam Tuspeed
�Daniel JDL brakes
�Geoff Fullrace
�Neanderthal racing (Bruce), Alcoolaid (Arthur), Fuji K
�Troy Prospeedracing

Project TBAG:

�Bugeye STI

Exterior and Aero:

  • Bug eye WRX STI 2002 Chassis
  • Jun bumper spoiler
  • Top stage V3 diffuser
  • Chargespeed dry carbon brake ducts
  • Custom fender
  • Singular motorsport fender vents
  • LIC over fenders
  • Launsport WRC dry carbon bonnet
  • Varis dry carbon trunk lid
  • Dungun WRC replica WRC mirrors
  • SM design wing
  • Charge speed vortex generator
  • L’aunsport WRC tarmac side skirts
  • Chargespeed bonnet vents
  • Prolightz custom headlights


  • Full bushing upgrade
  • Full bushing upgrade throughout (WL, TIC and Kartboy)
  • Cusco engine mount
  • Cusco transmission mount
  • White line sway bars 24mm R, 22mm Front
  • Oswald Performance front sub frame brace
  • TSS Fab transmission crossmember
  • TSS Fab T brace
  • Super Pro front control arm assembly including ALK and end links
  • Super Pro steering rack bushings
  • TIC X brace
  • TIC fender brace
  • Beatrush floor brace
  • Beatrush trunk cage
  • Beatrush division plate
  • Cusco underbody mid chassis brace
  • Supashock pro custom coilovers with supashock top hats
  • MSI billet trailing arms and lateral links (pillow ball)


  • JDM non DCCCD short ration 6speed
  • GFB short shifter, Carbing high grip shifter
  • Clucth masters single plate clutch
  • ACT pro lite flywheel
  • DSS drive shaft
  • Cusco RS 1.5 way rear LSD 1way front LSD
  • Goodridge SS clutch line


  • Link G4+ plug in ECU
  • Motec C127 dash and logger
  • Aim smarty cam HD camera and GPS
  • Custom switch panel

Engine and power adder:

  • P2P racing road race short block 2.35l
  • GIR competition heads
  • Process West V mount with minor mods
  • Custom oil cooler
  • Two stage dry sump
  • Bosch 1650cc injectors
  • Aeroflow 3l external surge tank, customised fuel tank
  • Process West street intake manifold and Hypertune billet DBC TB
  • GIR “secret sauce” rotated turbo kit, Gen 2 GTX 3582
  • Tomei Ti CBE


  • Alcon Extreme advantage BBK 365mm 6pot front, 343mm 4 pot rear
  • Pagid RST3 pads
  • Custom brake ducts

Wheels and Tires:

  • Volk Rays ZE 40 18x10 gunblue
  • Volk Rays ZE40 18x10 Bronze
  • Advan AD08R, Hoosier R7


  • 6 point bolt in steel cage-too heavy
  • Sabelt fire suppression system –mechanical
  • Schroth Profi 6 point harness
  • Velo podium 2 seat with billet rails

    Supported by:

    GotItRex, P2P racing, Prospeed Racing, Touge Tuning, Go Fast bits (GFB), Singular Motorsport, Veloce Motorsport



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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

I clicked because I saw GT3 RS :lol:

But what I saw was something just as good if not better :tup: closed deck FTW

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

^ Thanks user1029.
Haha, it means a lot coming from you ;-)

The car is the 2013 Skyline national time-attack champion Australia. Now I don't believe the competition was as fierce as I was expecting but, I was on stock power.

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

This is one of the best builds on here already. Clean and an immaculate choice in parts. Cannot wait for the finished product with the new motor and my favorite turbo ever (EFR 7163 :D). Keep posting!

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

Thanks Yazel for kind words. :D

I am just waiting for AIM dash, CAI and few other parts before we start the process. Hopefully, can do some events in second half of the year.

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!


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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

wow, tbag! i absolutely LOVE what you have done, here. i agree with yazel; this is one of the best and, i'd add, well thought out sti builds anywhere - period. thank you for mentioning me in your op along with the great cast of contributors who did the all the real work and planning with you. you know how i feel about myles and phil. if you want a great project you need great people. it doesn't get better than those two.

finding this journal made my day.

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

Thanks Bruce for kind words.

You have to at least say thank you when you are helped :p

Phil, well I can't say enough good things about him. We had an international two hour phone conversation and I was sold. Till this date we have had almost 200 emails! and not even once he replied me later than 48h or did not address my question/concern in a convincing and logical way. Reputation well earnt!

In my job, I see different kinds of people from different strata of society and I will say, he is one of the few that I trust 100% when it comes to cars. I will have zero hesitation dropping my car with and knowing that things will happen properly.

Same goes for Myles at Racecomp engineering. My current sway bar and coilover setup is what he recommended and I am still using the same set up, 1.6g in the corners and a turn-in that a local rally team described as "the best Subaru they have seen...ever"

I completely agree with Bruce regarding getting good help. A friend of mine competed in WTAC last year (full carbon R32 and an OS Giken 3l engine and two BW 6758) and local shops, screwed him over his chromoly arms and sub frame so much, it was not funny.

I drove the car with a pro tune for 6 months and identified what I want to do and how I expect the car to behave.
Then I did a short list of "specialists" to help me get there by actually doing the job. Then I talked to people with what I perceived as "good builds", like Bruce and Alcoolaid to choose between my short list options.

During the two years after and some semi competitive track days and mountain runs, I decided on further steps.

Here is a GPS trace of my car on Starspec Z1s before half of the mods are installed and it speaks for itself. After my second lot of chassis mods, peak lateral acceleration jumped to 1.6g on Starspec Z1 with an average easily above 1g and unless I have he tank 3/4 full, it would surge heavily.

This was when I thought, I will have oil starvation if/when I go semi/full slicks. Also, when you invest this much in a custom built race engine, you want to make sure it lasts long enough. In order to do so, I wanted the engine to have enough fuel and oil This is where I thought about dry sump and running two 044 + Walbro 416.

The next issue was to have as good as electronic-control as possible and hence, Hydra (Phil has put a base map in already) and E boost 2.


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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

Nice build man! I see you have really thought out the direction you want to go with this car. I like those Oswald parts you picked up, Ive been looking at those myself.

Subscribed for the nutritional value :)

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!

^ Thanks man.
Glad you approve!

With Oswald parts, I would even say that, every GD needs them.
I did sway bars, bushings and coilovers and car felt good with mild under steer on the limit.
Added MSI frame and arms+Oswald parts= Neutral to over steer.

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Re: Project TBAG, Dry sumped STI GT3 RS!


1- Waiting on TSS front cross member and T brace, AIM, sensors, AIM, CAI, second 044 fuel pump. Estimated ETA 3W.

2- Planning issues with dry sump pipe routing which is partially caused by the philosophy of the car as a GT3 RS Subaru as opposed to be an all out race car. I have given my input but rest will be between my installation-support shop and discussion with Phil.

My input:
Prefer the line to go through cabin (shorter and easier) and prefer the reservoir+AOS in the trunk. But to comply with rules the lines should be covered and I suggested another outer-layer piping SS or Aeroflow high pressure ones. Open to ideas guys:)
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