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Our last "Whatever You Want" group buy on NASIOC sparked a lot of interest for an Axle-back or Lip group buy, but unfortunately we couldn't do it at that point. However, we have been working on it, and now are able to offer you guys a group buy on these items below. I have this GB set up on NASIOC too, and I figured you guys would love this offer as well! :)

Prodrive Front Lip Spoiler for 02/03 WRX
Group Buy Price: $184.99 + shipping (Need 10+)

List so far (unconfirmed):

1. Sc00bN00b from NASIOC
2. psuwrx from NASIOC
3. ilara72 from NASIOC
4. James W from NASIOC
5. nelinor from NASIOC
6. ALaDDiN from NASIOC
7. ricified from NASIOC
8. gopsu from NASIOC

Prodrive (Oval only*) Axle-Back Exhaust for 02-06+ WRX/STi
Group Buy Price: $294.99 + shipping (Need 10+)


Group Buy Price: $289.99 + shipping (Need 15+)

* = a lot more in stock at Prodrive than round-tips.

List so far (unconfirmed):

1. pux888 from NASIOC
2. Dismo from NASIOC
3. Wolfen42 from NASIOC
4. SLKwrx from NASIOC
5. Jonny427 from NASIOC
6. crofrog from NASIOC

Who's in?!

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1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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