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Just for S and G's, guess what the price will be on the new STI. WHich will be base/standard model, no options, MSRP price, rounded to closest dollar.

"I'll bet $31,950 Bob"

For those of you who feel you need to explain, please keep it short. If you have long theories then add it to the "...why no official pricing...nice theories" post.

Don't make Mr. Barker grumpy.

Winner will get mailed a bottle of New Castle (if over 21) or a bottle of Yohoo (if under 21 or in AA).

Clarification: Big 2 pint bottle of New Castle. Yes, closest price to the dollar without going over.

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CoOlSlY said:
If it's 31000$ and somebody said 31250$ and I said 30500$, since he's over I would win :) ???

Price is right is: "Closest price without going over"..... :p

My bet: 30495$

That's my bid, buddy...you'll have to change your bid cuz I ain't sharing a bottle with you if I win! :lol:
1 - 20 of 35 Posts
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