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Power steering pump replacement options

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Hey everyone, I have an 05 STi, and the power steering pump is on the way out. It leaks a lot of fluid and im looking to replace it. I've read through the rebuild steps and I think I'd like to still get a replacement, and possibly mess with rebuilding the old one at another time. What are my options? Advance, Napa, O'reillys etc didn't have anything listed, I found a couple for the mid 100s range on rock auto, however when I google the part numbers of the ones they list it says excluding STi. Oem is too expensive so a remanufactured etc is what I'm looking for. Does anyone actually have a good source to purchase from or confirmed a rock auto one is compatible for an 05 STi? Please let me know!

I bought a used one off the forums, but it is caked with greasy residue and I'm going to assume the seals are shot in it as well and don't want to replace busted with busted.
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Idk how much one is from the dealer but it looks like you can get a pump with the bracket and a hose or 2 for about 450 on ebay
i paid something like 500 for a new pump for an 04 from the dealer. i could have done the rebuild... but i was just lazy.

you might want to try Oak Leaf Auto Salvage Oak Leaf Auto Salvage i think the last i checked they were parting out an 04 or 05 that had a good steering pump on it.

they are a sponsor on here.. i buy a lot of good stuff from them. shoot josh a PM Subaru Impreza WRX STI Forums: IWSTI.com - View Profile: Oak Leaf Auto Salvage is their member page.

they ship things very well packaged and their prices are great.
Yea I like the salvage idea, the price, and supporting our forum vendors, however I bought a salvage one as I had mentioned, and it looks worse than mine. Also even if the used looks good it may be on the way out soon. Anything like the 150ish priced rock auto one would be sweet. Why just a wrx replacement available? Anyone tried one?
Just rebuild it. Seriously it's not that hard. I'm not sure which threads you have read on rebuilding the pump but there were at least 2 good step-by-steps with part numbers on nasioc.

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Yea at this point I may just order the o rings. I read the thread on nasioc by "69cadillac" I believe was the OP.
Sorry to bump an old thread but I'm curious how this one was resolved
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